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Tongue and groove panels

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TaintedButterfly Mon 26-Jun-17 10:24:11

I would like tongue and groove fitted to the passage and up the stairs, do I have to buy special shaped tongue and groove for the stairs or are the panels mitered to the correct angle. I know I'm thick but I can't see how to get it to stay the same level going up my stairs without it being huge at the bottom and little at the top if that makes any sense x

TaintedButterfly Mon 26-Jun-17 10:27:29

Think this picture might explain it better, do I need to buy larger panels for the ones going up the stairs?

trixymalixy Mon 26-Jun-17 10:48:34

Yes, you need taller stair panels that can then be cut to the angle of your stairs.

TaintedButterfly Mon 26-Jun-17 11:02:15

Aw thank you, makes sense now smile

Many thanks

TaintedButterfly Mon 26-Jun-17 11:03:30

Thank you for the link too the calculator is very useful.

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