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Declaring underpinning with insurers

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ChocolateBiscuitCake Mon 05-Jun-17 19:21:40

We want to buy a house that is NOT subsiding!

But the vendors bought the property from previous owners who had some underpinning done when they extended out the back of the house (victorian terrace) to support the neighbour footings which were a different height.

Do our household insurers need to know about this underpinning (part of just standard building control regs 9 years ago!), given has nothing to do with subsidence?

Don't we just need standard household cover?...or not!

Any advise would be so welcomed - the lawyers are not being very helpful and the minute I call the insurers, I don't want to say the wrong thing!

Thank you

johnd2 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:27:46

Well technically it has been underpinned so if they ask if it's been underpinned there's only one answer.
However if you under pin a house to modern standards then it's not going anywhere. No idea why they ask, but it puts you outside the realms of a normal customer and they get paranoid.

bojorojo Mon 05-Jun-17 23:29:38

Technically it's the neighbour's house that has been underpinned, not this one. It seems that the work did affect the foundations of the neighbour's house. No-one would have needed to do anything if the extension hadn't been built because no-one would have known what the footings looked like next door. Just be honest.

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