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If you use packers...

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m0therofdragons Sun 04-Jun-17 09:03:07

How do they know what room stuff goes to?

I mean kitchen stuff to kitchen is fine but we are moving to a house with more rooms so do you just unpack randomly?

I think I'm going to have to do it myself so I can put a list of contents on each box. Maybe they can just pack kitchen and dd1s bedroom?

xyzandabc Sun 04-Jun-17 09:12:07

They will label the boxes with what room they came from, or rough contents I.e books/toys. You can then unpack them where you like.
I would definitely get then to pack everything. Unpacking is so much easier than packing. So what if you have to open a box, look in it, then carry it to another room to unpack. Still way easier than packing a whole house!

m0therofdragons Sun 04-Jun-17 09:15:57

Hmmmm need to clear out junk. Last move was 10 years ago before we had dc. Now we have 3 and it's beyond daunting!

Rainshowers Sun 04-Jun-17 09:18:23

Yep we're using packers (tomorrow) and they said they'd label the boxes 'kitchen,' 'bedroom 1' etc, and when we get to the new place we'd just need to tell them which room is bedroom 1 etc. We're having a big clear out this weekend and hoping tomorrown is relatively painless!

BertrandRussell Sun 04-Jun-17 09:18:26

Be careful- my mil had packers and they were so thorough that she ended up at the end of the day wearing slippers with all her shoes in storage!

MyOtherProfile Sun 04-Jun-17 09:21:22

We used packers and it made the whole process so much easier. We moved auite quickly so didn't have time to sort and declutter but actually this worked quite well. In the end it seemed easier to declutter as we unpacked since we had to go through each box anyway to put everything away. I felt more keen on getting rid of stuff in the new house because I loved it and didn't want it filled.

m0therofdragons Sun 04-Jun-17 09:29:41

Hmmm bedroom 2 is being split as dtds share but are getting a room each.

GrubbyWindows Sun 04-Jun-17 09:32:16

We are in the same position. Some stuff I'm going to move- e.g. We currently have some kitchen overflow stuff in the living room cupboard , so I'm going to dump that all in the kitchen...
And I'm going to get them to put most of the boxes in our extra bedroom so we are relatively box free downstairs and in the rooms we are used to having, and as we unpack we can begin to use the bonus extra room upstairs.

CMOTDibbler Sun 04-Jun-17 09:38:38

I got them to put things labelled as clothes (for instance) in the appropriate bedroom, but other stuff from bedrooms went in the spare room so they could be sorted from there. Crockery and pans went to the kitchen, but baking trays and so on went to the garage first.

We packed the car with a suitcase each of clothes, toiletries, bedding, towels, mug/plate/cutlery so we didn't need to find those the first night.

I didn't have time to declutter last move as it was a bit all last minute, so unpacking from the garage was great, and I was able to Freecycle stuff as I found it

DancingLedge Sun 04-Jun-17 09:41:37

Packers are great, saves so much work.
Bear in mind, they pack and move everything that's there - obvious junk, old newspapers and contents of bins included

DancingLedge Sun 04-Jun-17 09:46:18

You can give some instructions - would it be possible to roughly divide the girls belongings to a side of the room each? Piling stuff on each child's bed? That way, the packers could get most of it to the right room. Put lightly sticky labels on each bit of furniture, so it ends up in right place.

m0therofdragons Sun 04-Jun-17 09:49:15

Do they leave chest of drawers full of clothes and just move them intact? I'm sure they did last time - it's all a blur!

DancingLedge Sun 04-Jun-17 10:03:42

Yep, they can move drawers with clothes in them. They usually have cardboard wardrobes for clothes in wardrobes.

Basically they do it all- the main things, keep hold of everything you'll need for 24 hrs. Get rid of literally everything you don't want moved. Label clearly anything that's to be left. It may be obvious to you that the window keys curtains, and boiler instructions are staying- but they'll pack them unless they're labeled.

Any paperwork, address book, medication, favourite cuddly toys, anything at all that you could need urgently in next 3 days, put it all in your car.Before packers arrive, because they move like greased lightening.

CowParsleyNettle Sun 04-Jun-17 10:06:05

They label the boxes with the location it came from or an idea of contents, we had a sideboard in the dining room for plates and pans, which they labelled as such, then at the other end you direct them as to which rooms the labelled boxes go it and if they aren't in the right room at the end you can always move them!

Best thing we ever did was get packers!!

MyOtherProfile Sun 04-Jun-17 10:09:25

Hmmm bedroom 2 is being split as dtds share but are getting a room each.
I'm sure that's easy enough to overcome. All the boxes from their room could go in one of their new bedrooms and you can unpack from there.

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