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Utility room / wc

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Jan1927 Fri 02-Jun-17 14:29:36

Hi all,

I'm struggling at deciding where to put our utility room and have 2 options....

Option 1 - The previous owner extended out the kitchen to install a wet room. I can convert this to a utility but it's at the back of the house and potentially blocking natural light. Plus it's too big for a utility - 10' x 10'

Advantages - Large area, plumbing already there, from front door you you will able to see right through into the kitchen and garden.

Disadvantages - Blocks lots of natural light

Option 2 - build a utility / WC off the hallway and knock the current wet room into the kitchen and install big French doors

Advantages - Keeps rear of the property free for dining area over looking the garden. Washing can be brought straight from upstairs without going into kitchen.

Disadvantages - Area won't be as large, standing at front door you will not see flow of house as utility room will be there.

PS - If I knew how to upload plans I would attach them

Kokusai Fri 02-Jun-17 15:25:15

100% option 2

bojorojo Fri 02-Jun-17 21:05:56

A wet room off a kitchen sounds a horrible layout. So make that and the old kitchen the new kitchen. How big would that be? Make the utility a laundry room only. You won't need much space if you stack the machines.

Ohyesiam Fri 02-Jun-17 21:23:48

2, with out a doubt

Jan1927 Mon 05-Jun-17 08:53:23

Thanks all,

It's just dawned on me that the pictures were in the wrong order.

Personally I prefer option 2 as I would rather live at the rear of the house, but I wasn't sure how a hygienic laundry room / wc would be just off the hallway.

JT05 Mon 05-Jun-17 10:26:42

We once put a utility/ WC off the hall, in the same position as no2. It worked really well. More discrete for the WC than walking through the kitchen.

Jan1927 Mon 05-Jun-17 10:58:01

Did it bother you at all that you couldn't see into the kitchen from the hallway? (natural light)

Kokusai Mon 05-Jun-17 11:15:57

Did it bother you at all that you couldn't see into the kitchen from the hallway? (natural light

This would not bother me - have some glazed panels in your front door to introduce light?

JT05 Mon 05-Jun-17 13:03:01

We had a large Victorian glazed door with a window above it, also the WC/ utility had a window and frosted glass in the upper two door panels. ( WC not visible! ). The Kitchen door was also clear glazed with safety glass. So the hall was quite bright.
In current house we are changing the glazed kitchen door for a half glazed frosted glass one. The reason is that twice casual door to door sales people have wandered round to the garden side gate and said 'I could see you were in the garden, through the front door' a bit worrying IMO.

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