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Expert kitchen cupboard painters - Advice needed

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TripleMinion Wed 31-May-17 11:34:29

We are getting ready to put our house up for sale. A couple of the kitchen cupboard doors could do with replacing but obviously I'd rather not do this. I think they are melamine and the veneer (If that's the right word) has started to peel off on the cupboard door under the sink and cupboard door next to the oven.

I'm thinking of painting them all but not sure what to do. It would be really easy to pull off the veneers on the two that are peeling and just paint the mdf underneath. The remaining cupboards are all still perfect but they will also need painting.

Can anyone offer any advice or hints on technique and good products to use? I don't want to completely balls up my kitchen and end up having to buy all new doors. I've added a photo of the peeling cupboard door and one which is perfect just in case it helps. smile

wowfudge Wed 31-May-17 12:09:09

Foil wrap - that's what's peeling off. Take those doors off, remove the handles and stick the wrap back on as best you can. Then match up any missing bits with paint. Re-hang the doors. Otherwise you will really draw attention to it with a couple of odd doors. It won't be noticeable on the photos.

TripleMinion Wed 31-May-17 16:58:08

Thanks wowfudge, that sounds like the easiest solution. Do I just use normal glue? Will I need a primer before painting the colour?

wowfudge Thu 01-Jun-17 07:14:09

What is 'normal glue'? You need something strong and durable - have a look in a DIY store and get something there which will stick plastic to wood. PVA glue won't be strong enough. You'll probably need to weight it down to get an even result.

For the bits you need to paint, a primer for mdf will be a good idea. Plastikote do a spray paint called Stone Touch which looks very like your kitchen units - if you can't find it in the shops, you can buy it online. You could use that on the bits where the foil is missing - mask the rest of the door off while you are doing that.

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