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Selling Flat - Surveyor wanted damp survey done but won't accept result!

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Allthebestnamesareused Tue 30-May-17 13:36:05

I am selling a flat I own. Everything ticking along. The buyer's mortgage surveyor asked that a damp survey be done. Usually if it is done by a damp company (ie. one that sells solutions they find issues because they want the job) so I was a bit skeptical when the buyer instructed one of those types of companies rather than an independent damp surveyor. (I have not had issues with damp in the flat).

Well the good news ( so I thought) was that the damp company she used (who sell dpc etc) actually came back and said there were no damp issues with the property.

However now the mortgage company surveyor has said they do not accept these findings even though they were not prepared to say what issues they thought there were within their own survey and merely suggested a damp survey be done. The buyer is now having a second survey be done as the mortgage company are insisting on a £2k retention (for samp works that aren't needed!)

What will happen if a second company still says no damp works are required? Do you think it is likely that they'll accept it if 2 companies have the same findings. Are they just being overly fussy?

Should I just put it back on the market because there is nothing to disclose to future buyers other than a free from damp report!

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