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Dealing with Builder advice help

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Password9 Tue 30-May-17 02:46:42

I employed a builder in october 16 we agreed prices and payment schedule.The job was quoted 4-6weeks.8 week in job was still on going. In January the builder returned did a days work left then another days work.We got him back as found new window frame to be broken.Also and existing window had been damaged.He agreed to replace window and finish snagging within 4 weeks.We held back.10% of total build cost.We still have tools and left over materials on site.We have not heard from him since january.Obviously its a difficult situation. We are happy to keep the money and do a days work finishing the job.After all. I had to advise them they had fitted window wrongly causing frame to become damaged. Over all the whole job was a bit boarder line on quality. To be honest.Is there a time scale where we can assume builder is not coming back and do works ourselves and dispose off his tools (they been laying in garden for 2 months now). Its been over 5 months since he agreed to come back. But never has or even contacted us

BritInUS1 Tue 30-May-17 03:19:05

Wow you have been very patient - I would send him a letter recorded delivery giving him 2 weeks to contact you other you will not be paying the balance and you will get someone else to finish the job.

What sort of tools has he left? I would include in the letter that you need them removed from your premises within 2 weeks,

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