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Kitchen extractor for open plan

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ShortLass Mon 29-May-17 19:22:34

I've been reading online articles about extrators / cooker hoods for kitchens and they have been no help. They basically say, you probably want a good one. Well, yes... hmm And I will probably want a quiet one. Well, yes... hmm

They then go onto tell me there are different types. Like there are chimney hoods and telescopic hoods etc etc., but nowhere can I find what would be the advantage or disadvantage of any of these types.

The only thing I have discovered is that glass chimney hoods can look smeary and be difficult to clean. With prices ranging from £90 to £1000+, I really don't know what to get.

Any ideas? Advice? Experiences? I have a 60cm space and I will be going for ventiliated (if I don't go mad first confused )

bojorojo Mon 29-May-17 19:30:40

I have found most cooker hoods disappointing. Go for the quietest you can and high extraction rates. You don't want one running at full power for long. The chimney ones extract effectively and I would look at Miele first for quiet operation of db.

ShortLass Mon 29-May-17 20:34:04

That's the most helpful thing I've read on the internet about this, bojorojo, thank you. I'll look at those.

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