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What shall we offer?

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Rainsbow Mon 29-May-17 19:17:27

House was first put on at 700k, reduced to 675 two months ago and no offers yet. What would be a realistic first offer?

Rainsbow Tue 30-May-17 07:53:44


Kokusai Tue 30-May-17 07:54:33

What have similar properties sold for? What are other similar properties marketed for? How much do you want the house?

Rainsbow Tue 30-May-17 07:59:38

Desperately want the house!! One two doors down on for 660 but no extension.

Riderontheswarm Tue 30-May-17 09:56:02

I would work out the maximum I would be prepared to pay for it. I would offer 50 less, then up it by 25 if the offer is rejected and then offer my maximum if still rejected. If still rejected I would leave it.
If your maximum is already well below asking price I would just be honest and say this will be the only offer you will make.

SorryNotSorry Tue 30-May-17 10:06:15

It is only on for 15k higher than an unextended neighbour and you desperately want it...
If you are going to play games trying to get it under market value do it quickly because it sounds like a fair price and someone else who is looking might agree.

Kokusai Tue 30-May-17 10:38:24

given an unextended one is on for 660 then if you consider 675 is a fair price then I'd offer that if I could afford it. No point in playing games unless you want to/need to.

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