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When buying a house - do you look anywhwere apart from RightMove?

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katymac Mon 29-May-17 10:38:33

We won't be in the area until the autumn so we are getting a headstart on seeing what is about

Is there anywhere else to look online?

StarTravels Mon 29-May-17 10:41:11

PrimeLocation is good for the keyword search. I use it when searching for "acres". You can't do this on Rightmove.

I've also found some houses on here that haven't been listed on RM.

Tobuyornot99 Mon 29-May-17 10:41:17

Not for me, no. I assume that if there are agents who aren't on RM they will be a pain to deal with anyway, some sort of technological dinosaur. I think that all but 1 of the agents who cover my city are on RM, and the one who doesn't mostly deals with repossessions / crappy flats over shops, that I wouldn't be I terested in anyway.

Kokusai Mon 29-May-17 10:44:23

Nah, if it isn't on arm it doesn't exist. What agent doesn't use RM??

sunshinesupermum Mon 29-May-17 10:45:16

Zoopla is useful too. I use both.

soundsystem Mon 29-May-17 10:55:23

Zoopla and On the Market, as well as Rightmove. If an agent uses On the Market they can only use one with other, which will almost always be Zoopla and Rightmove. So I check both (although obviously they have mostly the same houses!).

soundsystem Mon 29-May-17 10:55:46

*Zoopla OR Rightmove

PunjanaTea Mon 29-May-17 10:59:48

Depends where you're looking. Where I live not that many properties are on right move and most are on a local side. So ignore you're moving outside England check where the local sites are.

PunjanaTea Mon 29-May-17 11:00:21

A local site.

katymac Mon 29-May-17 11:02:00

So pissed off with homewise for the over 60s & retirement homes!! Hate bloody house hunting!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Handmaid Mon 29-May-17 11:10:12

When looking I noticed a few on zoopla and not on RM. I'd email/phone agents and just get on their email lists. That was the best way to get to the front of the queue

katymac Mon 29-May-17 11:50:54

Hmm emailing is probably a good idea - maybe nearer the time

katymac Mon 29-May-17 16:06:15

I have decided - I officially HATE house hunting!

TurquoiseDress Mon 29-May-17 17:22:02

Me too!

At first home hunting seemed fun, obsessively checking RM etc

Homezone is another layer of annoyance- finding something that is less than our price range and (shock horror) affordable, then find out you have to be over 60 to be eligible!

TurquoiseDress Mon 29-May-17 17:22:29

*Homewise maybe?!

Redglitter Mon 29-May-17 17:27:12

When I was house hunting I contacted every EA in the area. Not one of them contacted me with house listings despite houses regularly appearing on RM that fitted my spec. Without RM is never have found something. I wouldn't rely on EA to find you anything

Redglitter Mon 29-May-17 17:27:22

When I was house hunting I contacted every EA in the area. Not one of them contacted me with house listings despite houses regularly appearing on RM that fitted my spec. Without RM is never have found something. I wouldn't rely on EA to find you anything

katymac Mon 29-May-17 17:28:54

It's homewise here & I bloody hate it - it should be sodding illegal - it's definitely immoral!

SnickersWasAHorse Mon 29-May-17 17:33:06

I still have the alerts set up on RM even after living in my house for 4 years.

I found my house through a RM alert.
I went to see a house that I thought was 'the one'. It wasn't so I went to my friend's house in the same street for a cup of tea. When I was there I got an alert. Called the agent, viewed the house immediately, offered as we sat in the car.

Hate bloody house hunting!

Then let MN do it for you. Give us the area specs and price and we can find somewhere.

SnickersWasAHorse Mon 29-May-17 17:33:55

I don't know Homewise. Where are you?

katymac Mon 29-May-17 17:42:43

I suppose it's easier for someone else

I'm not in a massive hurry - I can only view 6th -10th July & then again after 3rd Sept

What do I want, that is complicated...
Let me do a spreadsheet & get back to you (I'll do an essential/ideal/'def not' comparison)

I think I might be quite awkward

beardymcbeardy Mon 29-May-17 17:45:38

In the county that I live in 90% of houses sold are sold through one site that is used by all the solicitors in this area so thats the site most people tend to gravitate towards.

katymac Mon 29-May-17 20:01:47

I have my slightly impossible want list; I'm glad this has come up even if you can't help as it has crystallised my thoughts a bit

Underfloor heating
Solar panels
Within 5 miles of station
Within 3 miles of Tesco
Within 1 mile of bus routes
Cycle routes
Near a church (Christian but denomination less important CofE, Methodist, Baptist whatever)
Near Tennis club

Would be OK
Offstreet parking
Gas central heating
Within 3 miles of Supermarket

No Way
Street parking
No central heating
Middle of no-where

The area we are looking at is vast - my mum is in Norfolk & DD will be in London - so a sort of band accross Essex/south Suffolk which makes them an equal distance from I can be timeshared between them!!

The building is even more complicated: I'd like a bungalow, but a house or a ground-floor flat might work, I like large open plan spaces & I need 2 bedrooms. I am happy to knock down walls, fit bathrooms, kitchens & central/underfloor heating, I need an extra space for DH's Gym & my sewing but that can be in a logcabin/summerhouse rather than in the house

I hate toilets/bathrooms off kitchens, night storage heater & oilfired CH, DH hates woodfired CH (he has to chop all the wood atm)

I lean towards Art Deco, 1950s & maybe 1970s & DH like houses painted white!

So basically we have no chance!! Well maybe with another £100,000 as our budget is about £225,000!

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