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Beginners guide to extensions

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Hogterm Mon 29-May-17 07:17:06

We will soon be moving in to a three bed with the world's smallest kitchen. It was a bit under our budget but just felt right when we looked around, is in a nice area and has a lovely garden.

The kitchen is the compromise but all our neighbours have extended at the back and so the plan is to do this to creating an L shaped kitchen breakfast room which will be lovely. We will have about £20k left in the bank due to the house being under budget. Should be able to access additional finance.

I was adamant that I didn't want a project as have two young kids (3&1) and a full time job and no time so was surprised how happy I was to accept this house knowing it needs building work. I have no clue about organising an extension.

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a beginners guide to sorting extensions or could share tips?

I am picturing a conservatory style extension with lots of light but then someone pointed out it will get cold. Is there anywhere that helps with pros and cons of different designs etc? I just feel builders will want a customer who has a view of what they want rather than just a request to see a few different designs.

Thanks in advance.

johnd2 Mon 29-May-17 11:39:37

If you want someone to give you ideas and design something that meets your needs you need an architect, that's their job. Expect to pay a few percent for them though.

indaba Mon 29-May-17 13:10:57

Agree to get an architect as you will get better result but I would suggest live in the house first. Do not rush. Take your time. If you start planning now before you know the house you can make mistakes. There is a website via RIBA called Architect your home which will put you in contact. But please live there first, and you can get to know your neighbours and have a good nose at theirs too, plus get their recommendations re suppliers.

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