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Please advise ticklist for purchase and timescales

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Note3 Fri 26-May-17 19:45:38

Hi, would be grateful for help please. Have just had an offer accepted on a house (no chain) and now need to make sure things happen in good time.

We have just applied for mortgage and instructed solicitor.

I'd like to get full survey done - how do I go about sourcing a surveyor and when should I do it?

Any other key things to do and dates to do it please?

MerlinEmrys Fri 26-May-17 19:46:49

Assume you mean you had applied for mortgage before offer accepted?

MerlinEmrys Fri 26-May-17 19:47:50

As for surveyor ask estate agent who they usually use and they'll probably rec a couple for you. We just did this for my mum's move.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 26-May-17 19:52:10

Mortgage application and surveyor at same time. Ask mortgage company which surveyor will be doing the valuation for them because you can use the same one to save time. Alternatively find one online locally that is RICS (Chartered Surveyor).

Ask your solicitor how much they need on account for searches and pay this to them asap as they can't apply usually until they have had the money from you.. Local searches can take 4 weeks or more depending on which area.

Depending on how good your solicitors are at chasing up replies to enquiries you could exchange in 6-8 weeks usually.

If it is leasehold it may be a little longer as they will need info from freeholder and management company too.

You will need to arrange buildings insurance to take effect from exchange of contracts as the risk passes to you at that stage.

If you have a good estate agent acting for the seller or a good conveyancer they may have checklists for you to use.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 26-May-17 19:53:09

I would not ask the estate agent which surveyor they use. They are acting for the seller not you. Ask your mortgage company or broker or even your own solicitor.

Note3 Fri 26-May-17 21:20:42

Merlin - we had AIP for mortgage before started looking. Have now applied formally for mortgage as know how much agreed price is, address and so on.

Note3 Fri 26-May-17 21:21:47

All the best - thanks very much for your helpful post. Luckily it's freehold. Will look into list and surveyor. Many thanks

MerlinEmrys Fri 26-May-17 21:23:21

The estate agent only recommended some local names- professionals that are not going to say the house is fine when it's not just because acting on behalf of the seller! FWIW same bloke was recced afterwards by a friend.

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