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Help! Planning permission through well before expected

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Badweekjustgotworse Fri 26-May-17 09:11:17

What do we need to do!!!!
I thought we'd have all summer to think through what we wanted and needed so we weren't going to be railroaded into rush decisions and now the planners have approved months ahead of expected!!

So architect says we need to meet to sit down and do a detailed working drawing for putting outto tender which is fine. But it's the small things I'm worried about messing up. Light fittings placement, sockets placement. Specifying the windows... don't want to end up with white pvc as the glazing is crucial. Agh so many decisions

It's for an existing house total Refurb with large extension for clarity. Total rewire (new sockets, additional sockets, lights etc), replumb (so new radiators and repositioned) look conversion with new dormers added and new internal staircase.

Hand hold and practical tips would be greatly appreciated.

Crumbelina Fri 26-May-17 10:08:41

I'm pretty sure you have 3 years to start the work. Are your architects rushing you? We got planning permission for a double storey extension in June 2014. Demolition starts in a couple of months ... smile

Seeline Fri 26-May-17 10:11:25

Yes - you will need to start work within 3 years for the pp to remain valid. Don't be rushed into things. Although I can see taking advantage of the summer weather may be a bonus.

TheFaerieQueene Fri 26-May-17 10:21:11

You don't have to do anything. It just means when you are ready to start you can.
I would take a deep breath. You are going to have a lot more to stress about before the build is complete.

JT05 Fri 26-May-17 10:24:01

As already said three years to start. Has your architect applied to Building Control for building regs? These would include the material used for the building. We are waiting for ours to come back with the OK, before we go out to tender, just in case something needs to change.
You are the client, tell your architect to slow down and give you some advice on interna/ external fittings and finishes.
Hope it goes well.

Badweekjustgotworse Sat 27-May-17 14:27:53

Hi, thanks for the replies.

We're keen to get the ball rolling ourselves, it's not that the architect is putting pressure on us, I've given the wrong impression on that front. We bought the house last year and have a young family so keen to get in and start enjoying it sooner rather than later so really the feeling of urgency is coming from me!

Going to see a kitchen manufacturer and fitter this weekend that we met at a home expo earlier in the year and hoping that'll tick that box.

Glazing is the one thing I'm really worrying about. Also floor finishes need decided upon so we can pour the right thickness of concrete.... and radiators... gah! So much!!

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 27-May-17 19:52:20

Take a deep breath and set up a control hub room - preferably one that's not in the refurb ?! Where you can put info up, on a poster wall, an area for each room - then add in all the info as you make or need to make decisions ... then you can see it - and know where stuff is when you need it - Evernote can be good to snap images and keep them with you too - incase you spot something while you are out and want to check it will fit a space etc ... if you want to have detailed 3D design drawings done over and above what your architect can do there are freelance concept planners out there ( like me) who do that sort of thing - but most of the good ones will be booked up approx a month in advance at the very least !
There are some amazing threads on MN on lessons learned ! Copy paste all the things you find apply to you or that you want to remember ! And don't forget your home has to work for you as a family all year round - so pre empt where you need extra sockets etc at Christmas too !
Have fun !!! Exciting times ahead !! Enjoy !!!

bojorojo Sun 28-May-17 00:37:59

Why are you worried about glazing? Do you want some special glsss or stained glass? Why would you end up with the wrong windows? The architect will do details and you agree them or specify something different! Depth of floor concrete? Why does this affect floor finish choice? Ceramic or stone or wood or anything thinner makes little difference - mm usually. I have never given a thought to this!

Just take the advice above. Go through room by room. You can never have too many sockets and there is lots of advice from good lighting suppliers on how to plan layers of light.

Get you external finishes agreed such as bricks, other decorative finishes such as weatherboarding, windows, glazing, doors, roof tiles etc and then move inside. The architect is able to give you a big steer on external choices but you can keep a scrap book of what you like via Houzz or similar.

GardenGeek Sun 28-May-17 00:55:16

I know you are in a rush, but try to not panic. Its really hard to see clearly when you panic, especially with subjective stuff like fixtures/ fittings & finishes. Its also impossible to be truly creative if you feel time pressured (and I say that as a professional).

Can you split it into phases to buy you time?

So start the details for the extension and new staircase etc. and sort the tender for that.

While thats tendering organise the re-wire and re-plumbs to start work alongside.

Once the tenders are out, you decide which one and you can organise the finishes for interior and organise that as the next phase even when they are building.

By splitting it up your more likely to get the best price too.

Goodluck smile

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