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Removing kitchen tiles

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CaptainCallisto Thu 25-May-17 14:03:26

We've just bought our first house and had put aside money for having the hideous 1970's kitchen redone. Then the car died. So we're having to do it ourselves as the kitchen money went on that.

We're OK with the units and counter tops, but the tiles.... Oh dear lord they're hideous. Floor to ceiling hideousness. I've had a look at how-to guides and videos online but they all seem to be for people wanting to replace just the odd broken one, rather than get the whole lot off!

Has anybody done this? Is it the same principal on a larger scale, or can/do I need to do anything differently if I'm removing such a large area? We don't plan on having tiles back there afterwards if that makes a difference, just do a splashback and leave the rest of the walls painted.

I know we'll probably have to do some repair work on the plaster behind the tiles, but I'd like to keep that to a minimum....

Any advice much appreciated!

NotMeNoNo Thu 25-May-17 23:45:59

Start chiselling off at a corner with a flat chisel, then when you can get under the "layer" they will come of more easily maybe with a paint scraper. So satisfying! Then you need to get a plasterer to skim the room, as the tile adhesive "combings" will be stuck on. It will probably be £200 max, might even be less. Having good walls will make the rest of the kitchen look good even if you are really economical on it, it's worth doing.

CaptainCallisto Fri 26-May-17 06:36:42

Thanks NoNo - I'm hoping for that satisfying feeling when I get them off! We've just taken all the polystyrene tiles off the ceilings upstairs and that was great grin

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