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Can i paint ikea kitchens (Savedal or Bodbyn) with chalk paint???

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muckylittlepaws Sun 21-May-17 17:52:37

So, we're looking at Ikea kitchens having left it too late to order online and having a bit of a tight budget for the usual Magnet, Howdens etc (have already had quotes).

I'm wondering whether or not we could buy the white Savedal, or possibly Bodbyn cream doors and paint them with chalk paint a navy or teal blue. It might just be the island or possibly the whole thing. Would this work??

Thanks for any wise words...!

krakentoast Sun 21-May-17 19:40:14

I would also like to know this!

I don't see why not, in theory, as long as you use a good primer? Alternatively I know there are companies such as Naked Doors that just make nicer doors in whatever colour you want, so you can just order the units only from Ikea and then fit different doors yourself.

(But also I will hang around and see if anyone actually knows what they're talking about - waiting to order a kitchen myself and considering Bodbyn!)

muckylittlepaws Sun 21-May-17 20:08:41

I've been busy googling and there are paints for cupboards and furniture from Wilkos and RonSeal (and probably lots more) so I'm thinking of going for the Savedal doors and trying to prettify them. If it doesn't work well, it will be an expensive, but fixable mistake!

Joinourclub Sun 21-May-17 20:10:17

Maybe just try one door to start with!

user1494182820 Sun 21-May-17 20:16:57

If you're near a store, pop in and check out bargain corner. There's usually a piece of Bodbyn knocking around for less than a tenner and you should be able to test the theory for yourself then smile

muckylittlepaws Sun 21-May-17 20:21:09

Good point Joinourclub ! We're relatively close so I should test it out. Wish I hadn't left this massively important decision to the very last minute!!

MotherOfDragons27 Sun 21-May-17 20:23:57

You can paint pretty much anything with chalk paint. Frenchic paint is amazing, comes in loads of gorgeous colours and is really easy to use. All you have to do is lightly sand the surface to give the paint something to key to and then wash with sugar soap and water. Then paint with thin coats and finish with a few coats of Finishing Coat to protect and make it durable to withstand kitchen life. They do a lovely navy blue called Hornblower

muckylittlepaws Thu 25-May-17 13:42:29

Thanks for the suggestions. I have found a company that sprays kitchen doors any colour so I'm waiting for a quote.

chickpeaburger Thu 25-May-17 15:07:19

We've got a Bodbyn kitchen that's less than 3 years old and I'm so disappointed. Along the "lines" where it's raised, the paint is coming off.

Especially bad under the sink (perhaps water splashes) but also on a high cupboard.

I can't understand how you can put new doors on an IKEA kitchen because I think you'll still see the frame of the kitchen. Can someone please explain that?

dynevoran Thu 25-May-17 18:59:41

chickpea you just get doors made the exact size of your current ones and then fit them in their place. Obviously you also get side/end panels and plinths and fillers also made - is that what you mean by the frame? As I haven't ever seen an in-frame Ikea kitchen.

chickpeaburger Thu 25-May-17 20:45:23

dynevoran - all the terminology is confusing isn't it but I actually asked my DH tonight about what we'd do about all the framey bits (plinths I suspect!). I don't know what an "in-frame" kitchen is.

The innards of IKEA kitchens are good - give much more space than other similar priced options. I'm rather disappointed with the finish of the doors. I've had cheap kitchens before and none of them have spoiled like this so quickly.

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