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Vinyl sheet flooring VS Vinyl tiles - help please!

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Missnearlyvintage Fri 19-May-17 23:11:56

We've been forced to change our kitchen flooring, which was an acrid orange tiled effect sheet vinyl, following the theme of our dark wood effect (warm toned) 1980s kitchen. The kitchen units aren't changing, and look a bit German in style anyway with integrated steel handles so I'm hoping they'll come back into fashion!
Tiles, lovely as they look are impractical for us, as is a wood/laminate floor.
This leaves vinyl sheet loose laid, or vinyl tiles which seem to be all the rage at the moment. I've seen various claims of the vinyl tiles being waterproof and as low maintenance as vinyl sheet flooring, but haven't found much in the way of reviews from people that have had these in their home for any substantial length of time.
Do any of you have vinyl tiles, would you recommend them?
Are they truly waterproof? Can a toddler have an accident or spill a cup of water and it will stay on the surface of them just like sheet vinyl? Similarly we have a cat who goes to toilet out of her litter tray at times (poorly and elderly), so I need to be able to clean thoroughly and not have cat wee stuck in between tiles!
Does dust/ small bits of muck get in the crevices between the tiles? We have cats who track cat litter horrendously throughout the kitchen, so our vinyl sheet was very practical as there were no crevices for it to get stuck in or trodden into.
Does it warp in time?
There seems to be more choice and the designs on the tiles are more realistic in most cases than the vinyl sheet so I'm torn aesthetic-wise.
I've currently got about 10 'concrete' or 'marble' style sheet vinyl samples laid out on my kitchen floor, (can't have fake wood as it clashes with the kitchen door fronts, and haven't found any vinyl sheet in a stone affect that is realistic enough or goes well with the door fronts), but none of them are 'the one', hence the exploration (desperation) re. vinyl tiles.
Thanks everyone, recommendations and advice would be fabulous please! We are on a budget, certainly no money for Amtico etc. £20ish per metre max, maybe a little bit more for something very nice (and practical!). Thanks again

PigletJohn Sat 20-May-17 12:11:42

bit long

tiles have to be glued down and are a pig to get up. Sometimes they peel up on their own. spillages can get into or under the joins.

I wouldn't have plastic tiles

sheet vinyl is easy to keep clean, and if you damage it by dragging heavy appliances over it, or dropping knives into it, you can roll it up and replace with new. Leave it a few days to settle before trimming the edges. You can often tuck it under skirting and fill the clean gap with white silicone sealant.

you want the subfloor to be flat, smooth and clean before laying vinyl. Thin ply is a good underlay.

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