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decorating - baptism of fire - help!

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Graphista Fri 19-May-17 21:48:28

I have an entire 2 bedroom flat to decorate in 2 weeks (approx) I have never done anything like this and have NO idea what I'm doing!

How do you measure a room for carpets, paint etc?

Would be VERY grateful for any tips/hacks

How do you choose carpets/Lino/paint/curtains/blinds?

Obvious mistakes to avoid?

itshappenedagain Fri 19-May-17 21:54:39

Decide on what you want in each room. Colours, if it's a day room or a sleep room. Work out if it's more cost efficient to have someone paint for you. Get carpets measured now and book a date to have them fitted. I had to decorate and move in within a similar time frame. If I had to do it all again I'd have it all skimmed first too.

SavoyCabbage Fri 19-May-17 22:06:08

Paint before you do your floors. Try to choose 'one coat' paint so you only have to paint each room once.

For colours think about the furniture, curtains and things that you want to use and go from there.

Graphista Fri 19-May-17 23:06:44

Wtf is skimmed? Starting again from scratch no furniture yet, but have chosen colours. I get why paint before carpet - in case of spills/drips yes?

SavoyCabbage Fri 19-May-17 23:11:22


Skimmed is where you get a plasterer to do a really thin layer of plaster over the walls so they are all smooth and look better when they are painted. What condition are the walls in?

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 00:26:46

Not too bad actually

TheFlyingFauxPas Sat 20-May-17 00:36:14

A lot is personal preference. Me I love magnolia. You can dress it up with pictures etc. What's the rush? Is it to live in, sell or what? Carpet people will measure up. Carpet as many rooms as poss if you're above anyone to soundproof. No carpet in kitchen or bathroom! Nice neutral colours. Maybe a mottled beige hide the dirt . Curtains blinds again personal choice. But I hate blinds! Rub down woodwork before painting. Wash everything down first. Though a lot of people don't bother. Even professionals!

fannydaggerz Sat 20-May-17 00:42:11

You need the DIY Facebook page.

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 17:40:33

I know to clean n prep walls first. Rush is to live in got ltd time where I am but waiting on some money to come in too. Moving is expensive!

I'm fine with magnolia but not EVERY wall. Dd wants a 'statement' wall in her room 🙄

Living room and my room and hall gonna be fairly neutral with some darker Browns. Bathroom & kitchen DEFINITELY vinyl/Lino as needs to be easy clean.

Not wallpapering far too ambitious. There is a dado rail in living room though.

I'm overwhelmed with choice to be honest, lightshades, lamps, bedding, kitchen bits to choose.

But a bit exciting too.

LightYears Sat 20-May-17 17:57:41

If you're painting the ceilings, do them first, then the walls, then the woodwork/doors, I'd go for matt white paint on the ceilings and what ever colours you're having on the walls, I'd do it in satin/silk paint, easier to keep clean. A roller is quicker to apply the paint on the ceilings and walls. You can get a longer handle/pole to reach the ceilings that attaches to the roller.

DropZoneOne Sat 20-May-17 18:13:52

I do the woodwork first! Usually in a satin or eggshell finish. Quick drying. If the paintwork is already white but a bit dirty/yellow then one coat of regular wood paint will be fine. Metal paint for radiators - make sure they are switched off/cold.

Whilst the woodwork is drying paint the ceiling. Use a 'magic white' or similar - goes on pink but dries white, makes it easy to see where you've painted. Go round the outside with a paintbrush then use a roller to do the middle, start at one end and work about a square metre then move along. One coat is usually enough.

Then walls. One wall at a time. Paint the edges, roller to fill in. Work up and down, then move along. Move fairly quickly as the paint will dry and 'stick' otherwise. Don't skimp on the paint, get the roller nice and covered. Usually needs a second coat for best coverage.

I can do a room in 2 days, especially if the room is already empty.

LightYears Sat 20-May-17 20:01:39

Drop I found the newly painted woodwork get paint spray on it from the roller if I did it before the walls an ceiling.

Spindelina Sat 20-May-17 20:05:09

What's on the walls at the moment? Paint or paper?

And what state is the woodwork in - basically OK? Or horribly chipped all over?

NotMeNoNo Sat 20-May-17 21:23:08

This the best £12 you will ever spend!

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 22:20:58

"I can do a room in 2 days, especially if the room is already empty"

That's the idea paint before I have obstacles in there.

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 22:22:43

The woodwork is currently ok condition BUT white Matt paint kinda chalky whereas I prefer a gloss.

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 22:23:58

Paper on one wall each of bedrooms which I wanna strip.

LightYears Sat 20-May-17 22:24:49

I went for satin on the woodwork, not such a high sheen but better I think.

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 22:33:16

Might be able to get book at library Monday thanks notmenono

Lightyears I'll look at satin. Could I not put masking tape on woodwork to protect it?

How do you work out how much paint you need?

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 22:34:33

Can you get satin or gloss paint in a chocolate brown?

LightYears Sat 20-May-17 22:42:35

Chocolate brown! My house is from around 1930's, I used a heat gun to strip the woodwork right back and that was the bottom layer, brown.
You could put a strip of masking tape along the skirting boards, saves the bother if you do it the other way around though.
On the back of the paint pot it'll give you an idea of the coverage but it's hard to know how many layers you'll need, I usually get more than I need, you can keep the receipt and take it back for a refund.

Graphista Sat 20-May-17 23:48:31

I hadn't thought of stripping the dado back, I'll consider that.

How do you get paint OFF radiators? A couple have significant drips from when previous residents have painted their walls.

LightYears Sun 21-May-17 07:42:19

You might be ok just sanding the dado. It's only if it's really thick with loads of layers of paint to strip.
I'd use a plastic scraper on the paint drips or something plastic anyway. Or if you're painting them (don't if it's not really needed) Sand them too.

LightYears Sun 21-May-17 07:46:21

Ps you don't have to go mad with the sanding on dado, just enough so the paint sticks.

LottieDoubtie Sun 21-May-17 07:59:40

Lurking for tips as I'm about to start my first ever decorating big project and I feel like a proper novice. Already got that book in my Amazon wish list grin

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