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Rufus sofa - Opinions please!

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veneeroftheweek Fri 19-May-17 21:34:00

Just that really. I like the look of it but there are no showrooms anywhere near. We're looking at the three-seater.

Has anyone got it and how happy are you with it?

veneeroftheweek Sat 20-May-17 09:23:37

Hopeful bump.

Kokusai Sat 20-May-17 09:46:13

No but I'm thinking about going to the made showroom this afternoon to look at another sofa! If I do go I'll sit on this one for you.

veneeroftheweek Sat 20-May-17 14:51:26

Ooh please, kokusai! That would be great.

user1471554057 Sun 21-May-17 21:37:18

I have it in the turquoise colour think it's Azure? I like it lot, looks fab but it's not the most comfortable sofa ever. Needed a sofa quite quickly so was restricted on where I could get it from, wanted the Ikea Stockholm one but that was a lot more ££. I have the 3 seater - on the plus side I have slept on it at 5'3 very comfortably!

veneeroftheweek Mon 22-May-17 19:11:56

Thank you user. I was worried about the comfort aspect. What aspect of it isn't comfy for you? I do want to be able to curl up on it and be really cosy.

It does look very stylish. Thanks for pointing me to the Stockholm as well as I hadn't seen that. Pricey though isn't it.

user1471554057 Mon 22-May-17 21:49:37

The seat cushions are just quite solid but I guess that's because there's no feather filling and possibly because it's new. It's fine to lie on with your feet up and comfy as I have a few cushions on it. I guess it depends on what you're used to. I looked at a couple at Debenhams - they were half price or there abouts at the time - probably more comfortable but they had a wait time. Think Debenhams are due a sale from tomorrow so may be worth a look too. If not go for the Rufus - I love it!

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