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Offering before having a buyer

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Rainsbow Fri 19-May-17 16:39:19

Is it even worth it??
Our house has a potential buyer (third viewing tomorrow), the venders of the house we want to offer on haven't found a property for themselves.

TheCrowFromBelow Fri 19-May-17 16:41:12

You can make your interest known, but as you can't proceed with the sale your vendors may well keep marketing.
You will be in a much stronger position once you have yours under offer.

ScarletSienna Fri 19-May-17 16:43:13

In our area, no one would accept an offer from someone who hadn't sold as there is a fair bit of competition. Estate agents often won't show anyone round a property if they haven't sold themselves.

Rainsbow Fri 19-May-17 17:01:38

We've don't just that crow we've told them that we're really interested, had a few viewings of it and that we will proceed with an offer asap once we've sold (crossing everything he'll offer tomorrow).

StripyBlanket Fri 19-May-17 17:16:06

That's what we did rainsbow. Said we were interested and then Once we got an offer on ours we put an offer in. But as they hadn't found anywhere to go they didn't accept the offer. Was then a nervous wait - once we heard they had found somewhere we put a final offer in which was accepted. Good luck!

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Fri 19-May-17 17:20:44

We did the same and were then in a 'race to sell' with another potential buyer who was in the same position (we won smile)

The vendor basically agreed to sell to whoever was in a position to proceed first (offers were exactly the same and acceptable to the vendor)

You will always be in a stronger position if you already have a buyer (or don't have a property to sell)

Rainsbow Sat 20-May-17 18:08:57

Ah it's so frustrating but to be fair, we've only been on the market three days and it's not even online yet. Had three viewings so far. I'll be gutted if someone else gets the house first before we sell but that's the game isn't it

BasinHaircut Sat 20-May-17 18:48:03

No harm in offering. We did just that, ours wasn't even on the market when we offered but we knew (due to the market at the time) that ours would sell within days. We were totally upfront about our situation and kept them updated and it was no problem.

MinisWin Sat 20-May-17 19:35:18

I don't know what the market's like round you but where we are (Scotland, major city) we were able to make an offer subject to sale of our property which was accepted willingly. We were however selling a very desirable property in a popular area with a buoyant market, which both the agents and the vendor knew, and as it was we did then proceed to sell exceptionally quickly. So I think it depends where you are.

Rainsbow Sun 28-May-17 07:43:51

Ok so we'll hold off offering (we keep calling the agent selling the house we want to maintain our interest/enthusiasm) until we've sold. But what if the buyers wanting our house are also holding off offering to sell their own place? I know this is the chain nightmare but surely someone has to break the cycle?

MissDuke Mon 29-May-17 13:23:10

Fingers crossed you get FTB or a cash buyer then! We spotted our dream house too before even realising we wanted to move haha, somehow it all worked out and we moved in 3 weeks ago - so it can work out grin

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