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Anyone added a porch to their house?

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tiba Fri 19-May-17 12:54:27

If so roughly how much was it?

I have a traditional Victorian terrace with the front door going straight into the lounge and would like just a small brick porch to have somewhere to remove shoes before entering the house

Thenewwiderworldthird Fri 19-May-17 13:55:12

If you're listed or in the conservation area, you'll need planning permission to build a porch. We had several quotes for one in January and they were around £9,000 plus VAT for a stone/brick porch with clay tiled roof. Given that the tiled floor, tiled roof and much of the stonework for the walls were materials that we could provide, we thought it was ridiculously expensive.

JT05 Fri 19-May-17 17:26:34

We're just about to do this. Fortunately DH is an architect so has saved those costs.
You need planning permission and then apply for building regs. We're putting a WC in ours and using reclaimed matching material, so expect the costs to be more expensive. Not got quotes yet but are thinking around £10,000.

johnd2 Fri 19-May-17 22:44:50

You don't need planning permission if your porch is under 3m² internal floor area. You don't need building regs if you keep the original front door (as per conservatory rules)
The price will be more than you think, especially on London! Learn to lay bricks yourself and get a spade.confused

tiba Sat 20-May-17 11:18:30

Its not big enough to need planning permission and will be keeping the same front door.

Was hoping it wouldn't cost as much as £9-10k.

Hoping more like £3-5k

Will put it on the backburner for a while

johnd2 Sat 20-May-17 21:29:05

To be honest if you just want a single skin box with a basic door and no windows, it'll be much cheaper. Everything depend on the spec. Or even a mini front conservatory, but that would be boiling.
But since it's the front of you're house I'm guessing you want it to look good.

Neome Sat 20-May-17 21:39:57

Hope you don't mind me asking a supplementary porch question.

My front door is up a few steps, could I still construct a small porch without any permissions?

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