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Cost of surveyor?

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StillRunningWithScissors Thu 18-May-17 18:58:09

We are getting together our letters etc for party wall agreements with our neighbours.
It states we should suggest a surveyor in case of dispute.

I asked on a local chat board for recommendations (only received one reply), contacted the company and they've replied that they are happy to have us name them, and the fee is £150/hr.

We are in the south east, so know prices will be higher, but wondering if this is about average pricing, or higher than average?

And feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

dancingqueen345 Thu 18-May-17 19:59:10

I'd be a bit worried about paying on a hourly rate, but if this is all they offer I'd make sure you cap the cost in your engagement letter.

As an hourly rate I don't think it sounds unreasonable.

StillRunningWithScissors Thu 18-May-17 20:28:35

I agree dancing, the hourly rate does worry me. On the plus side, it's only in the event of a dispute, and our neighbours have been quite receptive to our plans/ no complaints at planning stage.

I appreciate the reply.

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 18-May-17 20:55:10

They won't be able to cap it because the service is a "how long is a piece of string" service. It may be a simple dispute that happens which can be quickly settled (in a couple of hours) or it may be lengthy and drawn out.

£150 p/h is on the cheaper side for your area.

Fingers crossed there'll be no issues.

StillRunningWithScissors Thu 18-May-17 21:42:26

Thanks allthebest, I agree that it isn't an option to "cap" the work/fees. Good to know the rate is reasonable.

Now, here's hoping we don't need to use them :-)

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