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No viewings yet... Advice please

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Home2Sell Thu 18-May-17 12:38:36

We've put our house on the market but have had NO interest or viewings yet. I know it's still early days but our neighbours (mid terrace) sold within a week or so and we haven't even had a sniff of interest. Any advice??

JT05 Thu 18-May-17 12:56:08

Your house is very well presented and would seem to be priced right, given previous selling prices.
However, and this is purely personal, I would not view because the black kitchen would not appeal to me.
Also the blue garden is a bit strong, but that's a cheaper fix.
I'm sure you'll get the right buyer.

MaidenMotherCrone Thu 18-May-17 13:00:45

I agree with pp. House looks good, I'm not keen on the blue paint outside but I wouldn't view because of the black kitchen.

sallywiththegoodhurr Thu 18-May-17 13:04:29

I agree with PP.

Lovely house but I wouldn't view because of the kitchen

Home2Sell Thu 18-May-17 13:06:11

Thanks for the feedback. Friends have just said things like 'the house is lovely, cant think of any reason why no one is viewing' so it's good to have some honest feedback.

The outside we can paint over if need be (we like it as it brightens the garden up!).

I love my kitchen - didn't occur to me that others wouldn't (& hadn't planned on selling when we chose it). The photo of the kitchen doesn't do it justice - it was difficult to get a good photo as it's high gloss & we kept getting the photographers face reflected in the cupboards. None of the estate agents mentioned it as a possible issue.

Hopefully someone will like it...

SoupDragon Thu 18-May-17 13:09:53

Another one who wouldn't view because of the kitchen! All that black really puts me off and I would have to put a new kitchen in.

The only other thing is the paved garden which looks stark. The rest looks lovely smile

SoupDragon Thu 18-May-17 13:11:24

Can you borrow some different accessories for the photos so that there aren't any black ones? They blend into the worktop. Maybe steel?

SoupDragon Thu 18-May-17 13:13:04

I'm wondering if a different wall colour would make it look better rather than the sharp contrast between black and white. tricky though.

Alwaysbusydoingsomething Thu 18-May-17 13:14:38

Sorry but I think it's the kitchen that's putting people off too. Could also be the lack of grass in the garden? I wouldn't mind the paving but people with young children might?

GingersHaveSouls Thu 18-May-17 13:14:40

It's a really nice house, and it's in a really nice you think that maybe it's cause they're going to be building all the new estates along the llantrisant road and then there are the houses going up in llandaf on the BBC site.... maybe people are waiting for them or maybe people are not considering the radar because of how bad the traffic to Cardiff is going to become, coming from that side... I know there are lots of people who live along the llantrisant road that are selling up cause of all the new developments.

rizlett Thu 18-May-17 13:14:57

It's a well planned house - and I don't know how you keep all your rooms so tidy. wink I agree with pp that the blue doesn't enhance the garden at all - it's a family house so maybe some people don't like that there isn't any grass? (did your neighbour have grass?)

Also the kitchen - whilst immaculate - is a particular style choice - is there anything you might be able to do to reduce the 'shiny' in the pictures? Perhaps take without a flash - unless that makes it look too dark?

imo the reflective green table just adds to the 'shiny' look iyswim - maybe change for something to tone it down a bit. (and I'd change the black loo seat for a white one - the other bathroom gives a much more universal appeal.

A week is a very short time too - I'm sure it won't be long before someone comes to view.

GingersHaveSouls Thu 18-May-17 13:15:41

⬆️⬆️ not the radar... not considering radyr
(Dumb predictive)

EpoxyResin Thu 18-May-17 13:16:42

Can you stick a few more pot plants in the garden? Ideally I'd want a bit of lawn in a space that size, but a few more plants would do the trick in making it look appealing.

I do agree about the kitchen though, but that's personal taste.

JaneEyre70 Thu 18-May-17 13:18:11

I agree with the other PPs, it looks very clean and well presented but the kitchen would put me off viewing. It's very "marmite" in that people will either love or hate it.......... but don't lose heart, you just need the right person to walk through the door.

SoupDragon Thu 18-May-17 13:19:01

Also, what agent did your neighbour's use?

NotJanine Thu 18-May-17 13:19:48

I think you need a better photo of the kitchen, maybe just close up views of the sink area and the oven/extractor so that you're not just seeing 1 big black mass.

The garden looks a bit bleak and overlooked. I think you could make it look a lot more inviting - put things on the table and move it away from the fence, open up the parasol. Are the plants all in pots? If so, gather them in groups on the paved areas. Don't include all those overlooking windows in the photos!

Generally though the house looks very nicely kept, clean, tidy and tasteful.

Home2Sell Thu 18-May-17 13:23:07

Thanks for all the advice. Neighbours didn't have grass either. We are opposite a play park so didn't feel the need for grass. Will have a think about what we can do about toning the kitchen down - it does look MUCH better in real life (honest!) - the granite worktops calm the gloss down iykwim.

AgathaF Thu 18-May-17 13:23:11

The kitchen would put me off too, although it looks new and otherwise well presented. The blue garden is a bit much, and I would definitely not like the lack of grass. Could you repaint the fences a paler colour (pale green or grey?) and lift a few slabs and put turf down instead? The garden is very overlooked but I know that doesn't bother everyone.

The front of the house looks nice and appealing.

Inside is generally well presented. Perhaps paint some of the walls in the blue bedroom cream or white to tone it down a little?

howtostopthis Thu 18-May-17 13:24:39

As pp say - the kitchen would put me off and definitely needs a better pic - you can't actually see what cupboards etc there are - just black and flash.

Garden needs more plants - big leafy green ones.

Otherwise it's a lovely house, well arranged and presented.

usernoidea Thu 18-May-17 13:27:24

Maybe your neighbour who sold in one week was a real strike of good luck and yours may take a few weeks more? Doesn't mean that you're going to get a crap price , so don't beat yourself up over it
I've always bought a house because I like the house / area / outdoor space /parking , would never not buy a house if I didn't like the decor or the kitchen etc I'd just change it if I wanted the house!
Don't do anything's very early days and it only takes one person
How does yours compare in price to your neighbour? Are they mid terrace and without garage or identical to you?
I've got a few suggestions for you if it's still not getting any interest in a few more weeks but I don't think you'll need it x

squeaver Thu 18-May-17 13:29:12

If your neighbour's house sold quickly, then I would really recommend going with their agent (if you haven't already) as they'll have a list of potential buyers.

Honestly, I wouldn't look at it because of the decor - sorry. My thought would be: I'll have to redecorate the whole house (blue walls in the kids' bedrooms, wallpaper in the living room) AND "redecorate" the garden.
Plus, potentially put a new kitchen in. That's going to add several thousands to the purchase price.

FauxFox Thu 18-May-17 13:32:48

As others have said the kitchen looks a bit extreme in those photos - hard to tell what's best to advise because it looks very new, very high quality but very not my taste and it would seem awful to buy then rip it out...could the floor we wood instead of black shiny?

The only other thing is that your door mat implies you have a dog which some people might not like.

Good luck with your viewings!

Jellybean85 Thu 18-May-17 13:33:49

I agree the blue fence and black kitchen really would put me off; could you maybe do something to lighten them up or tone them down?
Maybe use pot plants to green up the garden a bit?

oldestmumaintheworld Thu 18-May-17 13:34:47

It's a good sized house and immaculately clean. You seem to favour very strong colours and they are not to my taste but mainly I would be put off by the black kitchen - can you change the doors to white? The purple carpet in the main bedroom; the very blue fence and shed and lack of grass/planting in the garden. I'd be totting up how much that would cost and would look elsewhere.
The other thing to be aware of is that in London prices are dropping like a stone - 10% since January - so if the ripple effect is a real thing then sell now if you can.

MrsChopper Thu 18-May-17 13:40:02

Your kitchen in general seems very dark, at least that is how it comes across in the photo. You need to find a way to brighten this area up.

Also, the blue fence is awful. I wouldn't mind a blue shed so mich but your garden would look so much better with a more neutral coloured fence.

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