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Cost of fitting a bathroom - how much to pay

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Mary1935 Wed 17-May-17 16:34:57

I have someone fitting my small bathroom who is a plumber from Iran. He will fit a new bath, sink, toilet flush (toilet ok) a shower and some tiles - I'm not sure what to pay him - we know him from church & he just says "pay me what you think" I don't want to exploit him but want to save a bit of money if I can. We live in the Borough of Greenwich (south east London). Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

IAmTheWorwax Wed 17-May-17 16:36:31

We've just paid £5k to have my grandmas small bathroom done. Nowhere near London though.

Be careful getting someone who is not insured to do your bathroom though.

EpoxyResin Wed 17-May-17 17:26:23

Maybe ask him how long it will take and come up with a day rate that seems fair - it sometimes easier to guess at a day rate than "what is the job worth?". Then offer him the number of days he's estimated times the day rate, then it won't cost you more if he overruns but you'll know what you've given him was fair based on his own estimation of the work
(unless some obvious hurdle comes up that you think fairly took more time to fix, then I'd pay more).

JohnLapsleyParlabane Wed 17-May-17 17:59:57

I've just had a shower room fitted out and the labour alone was 3K. That's SE25

SavoyCabbage Wed 17-May-17 18:06:38

I was gonna big to say 3K. We had our bathroom and ensuite done for 5K but the actual stuff doesn't cost that much.

SavoyCabbage Wed 17-May-17 18:07:27

*going toconfused

I'm not from the South side of Chicago...

monkeyfacegrace Wed 17-May-17 18:08:42

Labour around here (Cotswolds) is approx £120-150 per day for proper work.

My handyman charges me £90 per full day.

AyeAmarok Wed 17-May-17 18:09:45

We paid 2k in labour for a small bathroom.

Hulababy Wed 17-May-17 19:11:44

Think we paid around 3-3.5k for fitting for each of the ensuite and the main bathroom. Had them done separately. That was just fitting/labour and inc fitting bath/bath cubicle, overhead shower, sink with unit, toilet with unit, wall cupboard, tiling/panels, flooring, new radiators, ceilings being smoothed and painted, some walls painted, and extractor fans and lighting.

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