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Blindsuk - beware/avoid

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wufti Wed 17-May-17 16:12:14

Ordered a Roman blind from blindsuk. Took nearly four weeks to come, OK as not in a rush.

Arrived yesterday. The folding pleats are not as I expected, being what I would call staggered folds - folds getting smaller nearer the top. Have bought blinds before locally and always had equal sized folds, not even really discussed. So, not too happy

Call customer services, 5 times in two hours. Every time recorded message saying if you are calling in office hours, we will ring you back and leave message and name etc. No call back.

Left message on website. No contact email btw. Reply next day. Says you should have enquired about equal sized folds before you ordered. Not on option when you order btw. Looking at their website again, there are no pictures of blinds pulled up fully so you can't tell how they are made. Can't reply to email as it is a no reply email address .

Looked at trust pilot again, lots of positive reviews but all the negative reviews all say no customer service at all, and basically I not going to get anything from this company .

So, have a Roman blind I don't like the look of, and that's even before I hang it up. Seams don't appear to have been ironed well. I will live with it, it is for a guest bedroom so it is not something I have to look at everyday. Thank god I didn't order my 5 bay window blinds from them.

It was cheap for the fabric quoted and the size but never again.

Badgertastic Thu 18-May-17 08:17:26

Did you pay with your credit card? If so do a section 75 charge back and get your money back as it is not as described.

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 18-May-17 19:13:02

I've used them for a roller blind and they were absolutely fine, but Roman's are a rather more skilled job! They should always have equal sized sections (except the bottom one which should be half size)

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