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Building works (loft conversion) delayed- WWYD?

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mollyminniemo Wed 17-May-17 14:58:06

Hello- last week we had scaffolding erected in 1st stage of loft conversion. I was then asked for- and arranged payment of the next 15% installment, due after scaffolding erected. On Monday we were warned a workman would arrive 7.30am to replace our boiler as part of the works (they know I haver 2 young kids so told me to be ready for then and try to be out all day due to no boiler).
All good- woke up, got all of us ready, dressed, fed, hung around until 10.30- then texted our contracts manager to say no one had arrived and Id be leaving (due to day of activities planned to be out of house) in next 30 mins...nothing.
DH emails company politely but firmly asking for update, saying he’d rearranged working from home that day/ I had planned a whole day out of house- all for no reason as no one had turned up. 4 hours later- company emails to say our contracts manager been involved in serious accident and in hospital. I respond concerned and ask to pass on our best wishes. They ask to bear with them for a few days then will get back to us.
It’s now been a few days and nothing... I’m still not sure why when the workman had clearly been booked to appear at our house to replace boiler- he didn’t turn up despite our contracts manger being unavailable? Should I demand more of an update or let it be for a while?
Just frustrating as neighbours already not happy about scaffolding, now this is already at least 1 weeks delay in build starting…

It’s a large company specialising in lofts so they have several other contract managers btw.

meettherussians Wed 17-May-17 15:20:55

I personally would now start demanding clear answers on tie frames/new contracts manager- explain situation with neighbours and weeks delay is not good.

mustiwearabra Wed 17-May-17 15:26:22

Husband is a contracts manager and it's the sort of thing that would have (should have) been handed over to another CM within a day. Given that the jobs are on a small scale with not a lot of coordination required, it makes no sense that the workman didn't show up on the day or that another contracts manager hasn't been in touch as an intermediary. Definitely worth dropping them an email and explaining your concern.

mollyminniemo Wed 17-May-17 15:35:08

must you are brilliant- thankyou!!

mustiwearabra Wed 17-May-17 15:39:01

Best of luck smile

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