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Kitchen planning-opinions anyone?

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Whattodowithaminute Wed 17-May-17 14:00:59

Planning a new kitchen-anyone fancy a critique of my plans?! Door by dining table leads to hallway. Door by kitchen end leads to utility area.

We want to externally duct the job hence on external wall
I can't draw a cabinet above the fridge freezer but would plan to put one in!
Wanted to create some space for the DC to play and planned to put toys in the bottom cupboard of the tall pantry cupboards?

The cabinet colours, flooring and the fronts of the cabinets will change...

Many thanks

YorkshireTea86 Wed 17-May-17 15:57:16

Looks pretty good, although I'd be slightly wary of kids playing near ovens if I was taking something out of the one that's not got any worktop next to it. What's the distance between the units and island? Do you have a dishwasher planned?

Whattodowithaminute Wed 17-May-17 16:34:33

Thanks for feedback useful to have different perspectives. Dishwasher in the island next to sink and 1.2m between island and wall cabinets.

I know what you mean about the oven... I had them planned for the other end until yesterday swapped to try and retain a window. Will swap them again..

the other option is to swap the dining table and play area over but I like that the current set up leads straight out to the garden.

Hmmm decisions this is slowly taking over my life...

YorkshireTea86 Wed 17-May-17 17:14:06

Haha I know what you mean, in the process myself and my dh is sick of hearing different ideas and me asking the he thinks about yet another option!
Have you thought about what happens if someone is cooking at the hob and someone has dishwasher open, will there be enough room to get past? Something I saw when looking for mine was to imagine all the things you do and how they would work with your design.

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 17-May-17 19:47:17

I think the 3 ovens layout looks a little strange, it really spoils the lines of that section. I'd also be tempted to move your fridge freezer to the other end to try and keep all the tall stuff in one section together

I wouldn't store your toys in the kitchen, it will drive you crazy - there should be space to have something in the corner to the right (from the room) of the door beside the dining table (where the 'D' label is) without it imposing on the free space in the room

Also, hard to tell but do you have different sizes and numbers of drawers? It looks like they're not all the same height which you might find won't look great in reality. I'd probably stick to the deep pan drawer style on your long run - if you need shallower ones then you can get internal pullout drawers for cutlery etc, but the continuity of the line will look much better.

Whattodowithaminute Wed 17-May-17 20:20:08

statistically you are right there are different sizes on the drawers at the moment but won't be like this in reality; the Ikea kitchen planner doesn't load all of the options on my mac so in some places I've gone for the size rather than exact option. Will ensure I remember this though when I go to the final order stage.
I quite like the split of the tall cabinets; currently there are two windows above the run of units (pretty sure I'm going to loose one of them) but if I put all of the units together they will both go and then I thought it might be darker.

So have been debating the oven situation-was going to have one double oven (one big and one small) and a microwave but can't seem to work out how best to balance these visually. Should I just put a microwave in a cupboard?!!

Originally I was going to put a tall bank of cabinets over on walll next to D but then I thought they would have to carry the toys throughthe room to the play space (and I would have to carry them back every night) rather than being able to access directly...

Many good points and more to think of-will go back to the drawing board again...

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 17-May-17 20:36:36

Losing windows is a pretty big downside - light makes such a difference. Where are your other windows in the room? Do you have any potential to shuffle things so you can keep them?

Whattodowithaminute Wed 17-May-17 20:51:38

We are planning on putting in bifold doors on wall A with windows in the roof too but no other windows except those by the hob (exact dimensions a little sketchy as I don't have a scale drawing of where they all are yet...)

Whattodowithaminute Wed 17-May-17 20:59:52

Have tried moving the kitchen to the other side but will need to move gas and water supply and drainage; tried an L shape on wall C but then can't access the utility room very well at all and it becomes a tiny space which will only fit a washer/dryer.
Tried moving the kitchen down further but liked the symmetry of the dining table and the island which you lose. Will also need a full width RSJ about half way down the room but waiting for structural engineer to come back with specifics.

Have trialled without play space but think the kids will drive me doolally.

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 17-May-17 21:45:02

Could you potentially move the utility access from C to D, maybe even lengthening D if necessary (can't tell what shape the utility is)

It would give you a bit more flexibility with the kitchen design - you could go for an L shape with the tall units against wall C (and maybe coming round the corner a little if you wanted to) and a big run of base units along the main wall which would keep your windows and make it a lot more open feeling as when you walked on you wouldn't really see the tall units

bojorojo Thu 18-May-17 00:03:44

I too would consider L shape because the design looks linear. Do go for a double ceramic butler style sink. I also have a separate veg prep sink which is brilliant and you have room. The one on your plan looks weeny.

Regarding ovens - I have a single with grill at waist level and built in microwave and grill above that at eye level. My second oven is built under the hob (both 900 wide) in the island. This means you don't have your back to the children. This works! And looks neat. You can talk while you cook. I use my island for prep and it is convivial because you can be involved with everyone in the room. My double sink is against the wall with the dishwasher near it plus crockery and cutlery storage.

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 18-May-17 07:17:41

Yes to big sinks - we've only got 1 because the kitchen really isn't big enough for Two but it's a big wide and deep rectangular one so even my big frying pan or roasters can sit totally flat in the bottom. We went for a white Blanco silgranit one which is undermounted and it's so much better than stainless steel - no scratching or marks, scrubbable and bleaches back to it's original colour no matter what I do to it.

Whattodowithaminute Sat 20-May-17 08:36:55

Right I have had moved some bits around; moved utility access to hallway, L shaped kitchen, added bigger sink.

Do you think it's better to have the dining table or the sofa area by the bifold doors to garden?

Where do you think I should put the toy storage?

AddToBasket Sat 20-May-17 08:43:56

I like layout 2. That looks great. I think sinks are better off the island.

Whattodowithaminute Sat 20-May-17 08:48:16

Thank you!! Little whoop of joy here... maybe getting closer to a decision

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 20-May-17 08:58:13

If you can try and avoid DW between sink and hob ... as it can be a trip hazard ( think draining a big pot of pasta !)

Astro55 Sat 20-May-17 09:01:59

I zoned the kitchen when I planned

So sink dishwashers etc all together

Cooker - next to utensils store cupboards pans etc

Lower cupboard for kids plates and cups so they could help

I prefer the second one - you need worktop to remove stuff from the oven and plates close by -

Have you visited any show rooms for ideas?

Whattodowithaminute Sat 20-May-17 09:16:57

Will think about DW placement more thanks oneplan

astro its broadly zoned as it stands; food storage in the tall cupboards with fridge freezer; sink and DW together, cooking area at far end. Crockery etc in island drawers.

We haven't been able to visit showrooms really as it's tricky with the DC. I've been around Ikea and we are using their cupboards and doors and will custom the worktops, flooring and appliances.

Astro55 Sat 20-May-17 09:19:24

I think ikea kitchens are difficult to fit unless your walls are dead straight and no skirting boards

Can you move the utility door or is it under the stairs? Can it shift grind the corner so you can L shape the kitchen?

StatisticallyChallenged Sat 20-May-17 10:30:13

That layout works a lot better I think.

For the actual kitchen, I've used DIY-Kitchens several times and found them excellent, and they'll send out sample doors etc. I've used Ikea too - they're also good but DIY were better, and cheaper. They also do a much wider range of cabinet sizes

Whattodowithaminute Sat 20-May-17 15:54:07

astro there is an Ikea kitchen in already so hopefully fitting won't be too much of a challenge: we are having work done too so hopefully will iron out any issues then.

statistically will look at DIY more but a little overwhelmed by their options!

mum2015 Sat 20-May-17 16:41:26

this looks really nice.

Theknittinggorilla Sun 21-May-17 14:33:02

Sorry to derail but what planning software are you using op? I am currently kitchen planning with a pencil and graph paper 😳

QuitMoaning Sun 21-May-17 16:36:35

Yes, I wanted to also ask that. What is the software?

StatisticallyChallenged Sun 21-May-17 17:22:24

The OP is using the ikea online tool. I've also used the Alno free software before which is very flexible.

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