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Anyone have LVT planks flooring?

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farmbelle Wed 17-May-17 11:50:56

Looking for the MN wisdom, I'm in such a pickle over kitchen diner flooring!!

Have read great things about kardean/polyflor but the instillation costs (£40-50/sqm shock )are pushing it out of our budget. So I have been looking at their vinyl click plank range which looks to install similar to laminate but still has the benefits of vinyl - being waterproof etc

Anyone seen or have any experience of these? Are they just as good or do they look crap? Ideally like the stone effect but as they are planks they may look better in wood....

antyant Sat 15-Jul-17 20:25:22

Lvt is great flooring if it is laid well so the premium is worth paying. There's a big difference in the finished product between a well laid and less well laid floor. My understanding is that the click is less durable in as much as it can bounce against the subfloor and is prone to moving. Just seen your post's date- bet your floor is down by now, lol! Hope it's worked out ok!!

wowfudge Sun 16-Jul-17 07:44:50

We have just had our LVT kitchen floor fitted. I originally wanted a stone look, but couldn't find quite what I had in mind without paying Amtico prices.

In the end we went for wood plank look - Polyflor Expona Beveline (Polyflor have rebranded some products recently). We had three quotes from different companies to supply and fit. One wanted to charge Amtico Spacia retail prices for a product you can buy for under £18; another claimed fitting would take nearly a week and doubled their fitting quote after the fitter came to take a look. We live in a big house which looks quite grand and he commented how nice it was a few times hmm. I wasn't keen on the third company; couldn't put my finger on why.

In the end, once we found a fitter via Rated People who supplied the flooring at cost and has done a fantastic job for £1000 less than the 'six days to fit' company wanted.

wowfudge Sun 16-Jul-17 07:45:52

We paid £27psm for fitting which included ply over the floorboarded area and Screwfix. That was the whole point of my post!

wowfudge Sun 16-Jul-17 07:46:18

Screeding, not Screwfix.

Softkitty2 Sun 16-Jul-17 18:56:42

Im looking at polyflor lvts aswell. Your floor looks great wowfudge

wowfudge Sun 16-Jul-17 21:15:05

Thank you @Softkitty2 - we're really pleased with it especially considering it was nowhere near as expensive as a lot of LVT.

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