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Has anyone painted their front door incarnadine red?

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nodogsinthebedroom Tue 16-May-17 21:41:59

(i.e. the farrow and ball colour)

Are you happy with it?

Our letter box and locks are shiny chrome/silver (they're new so don't want to change them) - do you think that would go OK or should red front doors always have brass fittings??

Our house is a standard 3 bed Victorian terrace made of a mix of red and (dirty) yellow brick if that makes a difference.

Other options are Hague blue or black.

Any opinions would be gratefully received!

PigletJohn Tue 16-May-17 22:21:21

red paint fades, for some reason. If it is protected from the sun it will probably be OK.

Black paint gets hot in direct sun, and so is prone to cracking and blistering.

I have no opinion about best colour of the door furniture, but chrome is much less trouble to look after than brass, even if lacquered, because the lacquer erodes, especially outdoors.

I have been using PVD brass-on-stainless for a couple of years, it seems to stay shiny without polishing. I believe it is a vacuum-plating technique.

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