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Could I paint a ceramic garden pot?

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Wingedharpy Sun 14-May-17 13:07:09

Just that really.
We have just had a bit of a garden refurb and have a large ceramic jar-type pot which looks out of place, largely because of the colour.
Could I paint it?
What prep and paint would I need?
Would it hold up to the UK elements? - it's too large to be moving it in and out depending on the weather forecast.
Have also posted in gardening for other views.
Many thanks.

PigletJohn Sun 14-May-17 17:58:59

if it is unglazed terracotta, you can paint it with matt masonry paint. Apply one or two thinned mist coats first. A couple of sample tins may be enough. Stir very very very thoroughly.

You can also use matt masonry paint on plastic pots, it lasts reasonably well. You could use non-drip oil-based gloss on plastic as well - clean the surface, no primer or undercoat needed.

If it is glazed and outdoors, any paint will fall off or weather away.

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