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Planning permission advice

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PissedoffwithNeighbour Fri 12-May-17 10:39:06

Sorry, this is a bit long but really hoping for some advice.

Our next door neighbour has applied for planning permission to knock down his house and build four in its place. It was rejected and is currently at appeal stage.

One of the attractions when we bought our house was the possibility to extend to the side if we can afford it when the DCs are teens/young adults so we can have a bit more space for us all and even up the bedroom sizes upstairs (they are massive on one side and quite small the other).

If the proposed plan next door goes ahead (unlikely in its current guise but I have no doubt he will get permission for something as he is persistent going by previous developments), that might no longer be a possibility.

So we are hoping to apply for planning permission now for the future extension we would like. We are hoping that it might help moderate his plans a bit, plus leave our options open in the future.

Planning permission only lasts three years, and we wouldn't be able to afford to build it in three years short of some luck on the lottery! So we would be re-applying just before that expires.

My question is, assuming we got planning permission now, would we be likely to get it granted in future if his development does go ahead? He will obviously object it now, but at present there is about a three metre gap between his house and our boundary. The proposed plans had a gap of only a metre or so. We would be planning to build to within around a foot of the boundary so we have room for our eaves to remain on our property. That would give us a good 2.5m or so extension to the side so we could have much bigger rooms and a downstairs utility.

Presumably once we get permission (very likely as there is precedent in the road, and only the developer neighbour is likely to object), any plans he puts in would have to take into account our plans? So as long as we can reapply with our plans they should get approved each time? We would hope to do it within about 8 years or so.

If the permission wouldn't be granted in future we don't really want to spend the money on the plans, so it is all a bit of a gamble!

Thank you for any advice.

Bluebell9 Fri 12-May-17 11:42:09

Have you spoken to your planning department? They might be able to give an indication.

Although the planning only last 3 years, you only have to have started in that time. If you get the planning, could you afford to do the footings within 3 years and finish it when you have the money?

namechangedtoday15 Fri 12-May-17 18:00:26

Here, you have to leave a metre between the boundary and the extension for double storey so might be worth checking that.

Also, I'm not sure if the wording is the same for all permissions but as pp has implied, the requirement is "to start" the modification before the 3 year deadline. As I understand it, simply be digging a couple of feet for the footings would be enough to stop the permission lapsing (you'd obviously need to check).

PissedoffwithNeighbour Wed 17-May-17 15:08:32

Thanks for the replies. I can't seem to find any telephone numbers for the planners, but will try to give them a call.

I wouldn't really want to start the build and then leave it 5 years before doing anything else (assuming we could afford it then!). At the moment it is our side access, though we do have access down the other side, so would make it pretty tricky to live around!

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