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Sash Windows - needing warmth refurb or replace?

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Princesanumero1 Thu 11-May-17 10:14:30

Have 16 sash windows in victorian house. Am about to renovate, house not touched for 40 years and is draughty. Husband feels cold so warmth is priority. Have had 3/4 quotes to replace. A variety timber v.pvc but the windows, especially 2 bays at front are gorgeous looking and have beautiful arches, wont be able to replace like for like even if go for timber as will be ££££. Anyones experience of sash window refurbishment?? Can it be warmer?? One guy was about to quote on secondary glazing but then told me the wood was too rotten so he really advised against. But maybe he just trying to sell new ones?? Can it work even if wood rotten?? Help please!

LizzieMacQueen Thu 11-May-17 10:24:40

Are you in a conservation area? In which case the council will only allow wooden sash and case.

With such unique windows I would try and keep as much as possible, perhaps try a local joiner rather than a window manufacturer.

Liska Thu 11-May-17 10:39:06

We had out original sash windows refurbished: they lifted the sash bits out of the frames, replaced the cord and mechanism, and put draught excluding brushes in all the gaps. It has made a real difference to how well the heat stays in, and cut out all the draughts. Obviously it's not as good as double glazing, but I also got thermal lined curtains, and I still have my beautiful windows! We used a specific sash window refurb company.

richyripps Tue 16-May-17 22:20:28

I'd definitely look to renovate and restore. Look to get 'slim double glazing fitted in place of the single 3millimetre glass. This new glass is 12mm thick well 2 pieces of 4mm with a 4mm spacer filled with Argon or even better krypton and it can be fitted into the existing sashes of the tradesmen knows what he's doing. Allied with the perimeter draughtproofing system and any rotten timber removed and replaced like for like but in hardwood we are all
using Sapele, a South American hardwood that's cheaper than oak but offers great qualities your windows will be traditional yet offer almost the same noise and thermal efficiency that plastic windows give.

PigletJohn Tue 16-May-17 22:36:40

don't put in plastic windows, they're horrible.

There will be a local joinery company. Sometimes your window cleaner will know who can repair and restore them. Walk around your neighbourhood looking at windows and when you see some that look original but seem good, go back on car-washing day and engage the owner in conversation.

Draught-stripping is easy now you can get furry-pile strip that allows the sashes to slide. It is not widely sold as most customers of DIY sheds don't have sliding sashes. Window supply companies have it. It is used in sliding patio doors. You can buy it by the roll.

Secondary glazing will not spoil the original widows and is very good for soundproofing.

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