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Architects fees

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Matlow Mon 08-May-17 16:15:11

Hi. We are having a single story rear extension built and have so far paid our architect £2500. This covered Riba stages 1 and 2 , drawings, and securing planning permission. We are happy with the architect and have asked her to give us a fee proposal for taking our project forward. We have had structural engineer quotes from £1500 to £3000 and feel a bit vulnerable as we are clueless as to what things should cost. We thought that we would like our architect to draw up tender documents, liaise with structural engineer and sign off work of builders to release payments. We are hoping the build will cost about 60k and we didn't plan on paying the architect more than about 4.5k. She has sent the following:

Fees for the above services will be charged as follows:
RIBA Stage 3
Developed Design:
coordinate structural proposal and produce demolition drawings/ draw existing and
proposed services points and routes/
submit developed design and outline specifications
£ 1500
RIBA Stage 4
Technical Design:
production information for tender package:
finalise general arrangement drawings/ produce set of detail drawings/ produce layout
for services / write schedule of works
submit building control application
assist in the selection of a main contractor
£ 2000
RIBA Stage 5-6
Submit construction package including setting out drawings for the foundation and slab,
the steelwork and the masonry.
set of 4 visits to assist contractor with matters arising on site.
£ 1000
Should you require assistance on site or additional services they will be charged per site
visit at a rate of £80.00 per visit and on a time basis at the rate of £65.00 per hour for
any design work etc. Any such services/ charges are subject to further agreement with
the client and should be approved in advance. An alternative arrangement can be
discussed at the appointment of the contractor depending on the type of procurement.

Does this sound reasonable? Can I negotiate? Would I be better asking to have all work done on hourly rate and if so would this work out cheaper? Is there any stage we could do ourselves to save money. If anyone has experience of this or is an architect themselves I would be really grateful for any advice. I appreciate you get what you pay for and I dont want to offend our architect but we seem to be tearing through our budget before we have even started!

Thanks so much.

NamedyChangedy Mon 08-May-17 16:21:28

We got four architects to quote for the project in the first instance, which was very helpful in establishing a benchmark. For a single storey side extension we're paying our architect £4,800 in total (£2k of that for the tender package), with a further c.£500 to the structural engineer that they recommended. I'm not an expert either, but from reading around it all seemed to be in line with market rates for our size of project & area.

johnd2 Mon 08-May-17 22:00:37

Sounds about right, we're in London and paid 6k+vat for architect and 2k +vat for the structural engineer. That included all site visits for both and any ongoing reasonable support needed for afterwards relating to the construction.
The build cost was about 75k plus vat.

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