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What colour carpet?!?

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Tatlerer Sun 07-May-17 16:46:21

Getting the house refurbished and need to select a carpet or two. I was thinking grey but I've not been hugely taken with samples I've seen so far- they can look a bit 'office-y' in my opinion.
Downstairs, the only carpeted room will be painted in Dulux chic shadow. Then I want to run a stair runner up the stairs to the landing and carpet all bedrooms upstairs and the landing in the same colour. One bedroom will be chic shadow again, the others either F&B skimming stone with one of the larger ones in Dulux Denim Drift.
The room proportions are quite good so I'm not afraid of a darker shade and indeed that would be beneficial with a 3 yr old in residence!
All thoughts welcomed! X

wizzler Sun 07-May-17 16:49:56

What about a Heather sort of colour.. same colour as lavender quartz in the dulux book

Intransige Sun 07-May-17 17:25:32

We have some skimming stone walls and a taupey coloured loop pile carpet. It's not too dark, but tones in with the skimming stone, just a bit browner. I didn't want grey grey but I didn't want warm colours, so this was a nice compromise.

I took pieces of cardboard painted in my wall colours to the carpet shop to hold next to the carpet samples. The tiny patches of paint on the sample card don't let you visualise things properly.

BadTasteFlump Sun 07-May-17 17:35:59

Yy to getting some samples and testing them out in every single room - it's surprising how much darker/lighter a carpet can look in different places - so you need the best match for all.

We recently had the whole house done in a slightly mottled taupey/grey mix (v subtle so can only notice the different colours close up). But the mx of shades means dirt and stains don't notice as much, and the carpet blends/goes with with loads of different colours.

It looks like this close up...

BadTasteFlump Sun 07-May-17 17:37:13

Think it's called cupcake btw...

Tatlerer Sun 07-May-17 17:42:45

Thanks all!
Instransige I have painted small bits of plaster board in my chosen colours so could easily take them to the carpet shop. There's a huge independent one just down the road which will be a good starting point. Wizzler I love the idea of a heather- thanks! Badtaste thanks! I think that could work from a distance. Well it obviously does, as you chose it grin. Is it a wool mix?

BadTasteFlump Sun 07-May-17 18:21:17

No it's the fake sort - polypropyline (sp?). Didn't fancy wool with young DC - and had probs with wool carpets & moths in the past <boak>

The mottled colours look a bit in your face in the pic but from normal distance it all smudges together. We've got it in all the rooms and it's the only one which looked equally good with cool colours (blue DC's room) and warm (pink DC's room, yellowy/cream hall, etc).

But def borrow a book of samples of the ones you like and try them in each room smile

PlaiceMarking Sun 07-May-17 18:54:37

I was going to say heather sort of colour too but it really depends on your wall colours and lighting. A good carpet shop should let you borrow samples, alternatively it might be worth seeing if there is a mobile carpet seller/fitter near you, they'll have all the samples in their van so you can try out loads more.

Tatlerer Sun 07-May-17 20:26:05

Thanks plaice. The difficulty is that all the lighting is being rejigged, the house layout changed and indeed some rooms aren't even built yet! I guess I need to find out lead times and take it from there. We hope to be in by Christmas and the local carpet guy I was talking to was telling me that the run up to Christmas is the busiest time so to try and order in August. Ho hum!

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