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Which? Subscription for new appliance purchases

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kmini Sun 30-Apr-17 18:24:17


We are about to do a massive purchase of appliances for new kitchen and utility. I've been reading appliance recommendations on here obviously, but would like to cull the general comments down to specific models. Was considering subscription to Which? to help? Anyone found this useful?


wowfudge Sun 30-Apr-17 19:01:41

I have a subscription and do use it. Most recently to identify a range cooker and dishwasher to buy. The dishwasher I bought wasn't a best buy, but the reasons it wasn't were nothing to do with how well it washed, dried or how noisy it was, which were the things I was interested in so I saved money there.

I did have a run of best buys that didn't last a few years ago, but those were small appliances.

Overall I find the detail in the reviews useful as there is too much choice these days and I find it helps narrow things down.

PigletJohn Sun 30-Apr-17 19:04:57

I do.

When you are a subscriber you can also view reports online, sometimes including products that have been tested since the last printed reports, and owner opinions.

SilverGiraffe7 Sun 30-Apr-17 21:13:20

I subscribed today - it's only £1 for a trial month so I'll do it for a month, find out what I want to know and then cancel!

PigletJohn Sun 30-Apr-17 22:21:07

you can also read the reference copies in your local library for nowt. Sometimes it is worth browsing back through a year or more, especially if you see "last year's model at half price" like I did with a Siemens dwr from John Lewis.

ClaudiaNaughton Sun 30-Apr-17 22:26:46

I love Which? Have subscribed for many years and always found it useful. Love having it on iPad and phone too. Can get recommendations for local tradesmen from other members.

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