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Shower tray

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MrsAlwaysRight Sun 30-Apr-17 09:25:19

I need to choose a shower tray for a new bathroom in a loft conversion. Any pointers on choosing a decent quality one?

We won't be moving anytime soon, so happy to pay a bit more to get a higher quality one. Thanks!

booellesmum Sun 30-Apr-17 09:26:12

No clue but will watch avidly as getting our loft converted soon!

Dadsussex Sun 30-Apr-17 17:52:50

Victorianplumbing (Google then) has numerous trays and if spending a fair amount on your plumbing they will do a discount

After renovating a fair few houses now the thing I've come to realise with showers is trying to get 10-12mm glass and not 8mm, it's not a lot more money and then getting a tray to suit - colour white, central drain looks modern and side drains more traditional IMO

Ceramic trays are heavy and you need to make sure if upstairs that the floor can take a larger one

Most slimline trays are very light but check your waste drop is ok

Hope the above helps

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 30-Apr-17 21:02:16

Thanks very much Dadsussex smile

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