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Alternative to excel for house extension finance tracking

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dilapidated Sat 29-Apr-17 21:11:45

I've been using excel to keep a track of spending and budgets in line with funds in the bank.

Can anyone recommend any other simple free software I can download to use on windows 10 instead of excel?

grannycake Sun 30-Apr-17 07:08:20

google sheets is free and very similar to Excel

tribpot Sun 30-Apr-17 07:14:59

Are you looking specifically for something you can download, i.e. use without an internet signal? Google Sheets will actually do that, you can run it in a browser but locally.

Excel Online is also free, but only runs online in a browser.

The usual alternative Office-like program is LibreOffice. Tech Radar lists 5 alternatives to Microsoft Office.

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