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I don't like new bathroom

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knorrig Fri 28-Apr-17 21:58:28

Bought an old property last year around the same time I found out I was pregnant. We wanted to have an extension and a few other bits to tidy it up. My husband wanted an en suite in the spare room (lovely big bedroom with high ceilings and fire place) I didn't think we really needed it as there's just us and bubs on the way. He thought we did and went ahead with it anyway as it was cost effective when getting the other work done. I could see there would be benefits of having it in the future as a guest bedroom etc. Also, being pregnant I didn't have the energy or headspace to really think about it.
I had in my head it would taje up minimal space in the corner of the room so wouldn't be too much of a problem anyway.
We've been to look at the house today to check progress (currently renting a temp place while building work done) and this tiny en suite I envisaged is massive and takes up so much of the room. Seems such a shame to lose so much of such a lovely space.

It's too late now to do anything really so this is just a little vent more than anything. I should have got more involved with the plans at the time but with morning (all day) sickness and tiredness I just left him to it!

Ferrisday Sat 29-Apr-17 07:34:29

We had similar with our loft conversion. They didn't consult us about the size and it was way too big.
I told the builders to change it.
What stage are they at?

knorrig Sat 29-Apr-17 08:49:05

They have only put up the wood for the wall so there is time to change luckily, my DH is gonna speak to them about it. Woke up in the night thinking about it as it just seems ridiculous for a guest room!

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