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How much do I need to fuss about state of house for mortgage valuation and survey?

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sunnysouthend Thu 27-Apr-17 13:54:19

Got buyers mortgage valuer and separately surveyor coming next week - how much should I tidy/clean? Is what id do for guests enough (acceptably tidy and clean) or do I need to reach the heights of clean and tidy that was reached at great effort for viewing/photos?

I'm clueless.

witwootoodleoo Thu 27-Apr-17 13:56:45

Guest clean and tidy is more than enough. They're not judging the house on its presentation but I do think it's important that it looks like you've cared for the house - particularly when it comes to the separate survey

sunnysouthend Thu 27-Apr-17 13:57:50

Oh good - that confirms both my feelings grin

kades2000 Thu 27-Apr-17 14:05:16

We just cleaned as if we were accepting guests, not as thorough as when we had viewings. As Witwoo mentioned, it is best to show you have cared for the property.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 27-Apr-17 14:08:40

The surveyor 'should' be a professional perfectly able to look past any presentation issues (hopefully!). The valuer though, maybe not. Depends entirely on the individual and how experienced they are. A few years ago we had a valuer in from our own mortgage company as we wanted to remortgage and increase it. He valued it at more than 150k(!!) less than four separate local estate agents! Yes, I know EAs have a different agenda but they all agreed and I could not see how he could be so out. An EA friend explained to me that the EAs would have been local (they were) and would have known about pricing in the area etc. The Valuer probably wasn't (he wasn't, he came from HO) and he probably used prices of nearby recent sales to calculate a value. Our house is unique in our lane as it is one of only three original properties, huge, lots of land. Whereas all around it, in the last 30 years or so are small developments of 2/3 bed houses, no comparison. But the key thing for me was when we went outside and he was looking up at the house and said, 'oh dear looks like a new roof is going to be necessary soon, it's caving in'. Er, no. That'll be the original, traditional Kent Peg Tile dipping roof and Catslide roof. You tit. Anyway, my point is, there's no harm in making your house look the best it can if you're depending on the sale, don't rely on the valuer to look past stuff.

EssentialHummus Thu 27-Apr-17 14:18:26

What PPs said. Though during our last valuation the valuer just looked at the flat from the road hmm.

sunnysouthend Thu 27-Apr-17 14:56:37

It needs a good clean anyhow smile
Maybe I'll get some fresh flowers to win over the valuer (and cos I love to have an excuse to have them...)

DalaHorse Thu 27-Apr-17 15:08:03

Go all out.

The estate agent is valuing your house on what other people would be prepared to pay for it. It's just as important as the viewings.

If you aren't planning on moving around a lot, then it's only a tiny effort in the grand scheme of things.

Paint dirty marks out. Tidy as much as you can away, if that means putting stuff in the car or the loft or at your parents then do it. Every room should be clear of cluttter, clean and nicely presented. Anything broken or shabby should be fixed to the best of your ability.

It goes without saying that kitchen snd bathroom surfaces should be clear of clutter. Put it all in a cardboard box and hide it if necessary.

Same for photos, same for viewings.

sunnysouthend Thu 27-Apr-17 15:53:08

I'm talking about the mortgage valuation for my buyers dala - place is already sold stc.

DalaHorse Thu 27-Apr-17 16:35:26


No more than what you did previously then! smile

PaulDacresFeministConscience Thu 27-Apr-17 21:10:36

I am cleaning like a demented Mrs Doyle at the moment Dala - so I am gladdened by your advice! Washed all the walls, repainted bathroom ceiling, have decluttered the massive hall cupboard so that you can see how big it is... So nervous!

Need to clean the bathroom and the windows in the morning, plus wash the skirting boards. Valuation at 11am...

sunnysouthend Thu 27-Apr-17 21:26:28

For a mortgage valuation paul?

PaulDacresFeministConscience Fri 28-Apr-17 17:48:16

Nope, for agent's appraisal. I spent loads of time looking online for advice as to whether you should bother going all-out for the valuation. Advice varies - some say that a good agent will look past this, give you the feedback and value based on you doing any necessary tweaking. Others say that you can't guarantee this and it's worth making the effort just in case.

We are not in a hotspot and our place - whilst nice - is not a property type which is particularly sought after. So I decided to err on the side of caution and clean as if my life depended on it. Appraisals both mentioned that our property is very well presented so advantageous - so I think it was the right thing to do.

sunnysouthend Fri 28-Apr-17 18:13:11

Well done! I hate cleaning smile

PaulDacresFeministConscience Fri 28-Apr-17 19:32:06

I don't mind it, but trying to fit it in round work and in time for the appraisal has been a challenge! I was so knackered and overwrought by the time I'd finished, that I started crying when the last agent left!

Our numbers are still so tight though, so we've decided to 'unofficially' house hunt - if we see something amazing then we'll list and try our best - but ideally sit for another 6 months and save like mad. Hopefully the GE result won't sway the market too much and it will still be pre-Brexit. I really hate buying and selling!

TheGoodWife16 Fri 28-Apr-17 21:40:57

I prepared our house for a valuation this morning, spending two hours giving it a final spruce up and was almost disappointed when he literally checked each room, then left less than 5 minutes later! He didn't even look in the garage or loft. It took him longer to put his zippy boots back in than it did for him to whizz round our 4 bed detached!

sunnysouthend Fri 28-Apr-17 22:27:04

How annoying! Hope the valuation was as expected though?

I've just realised that I won't have time for anything more than a guest clean in any case since there's the bank holiday and then I'm busy Tues before they come Weds morning. Luckily I've not 're-cluttered' too much since viewings... argh.

DalaHorse Fri 28-Apr-17 23:00:00

thegoodwife - ours took a lot longer than that and asked what improvements had been made since we bought it, also asked about things like the boiler, roof etc. I suppose it just depends on the EA.

PaulDacresFeministConscience Sat 29-Apr-17 09:51:49

Goodwife - both EAs were here for about an hour. But a good 25 mins of that was talking about the market, price expectations etc (as my property is a bit tricky). They spent a good while looking in the rooms, taking measurements, asking about what had been done etc. My property is only small as well.

Even then I totally get what you mean about it being a bit of an anti-climax. I have spent years waiting and overpaying the mortgage (neg equity) and dreaming of being able to sell. Now that we are finally starting to think about it, I'm absolutely terrified.

We've worked out all of our costs this morning and we think we are about £6k short by the time we put everything down (fees, moving costs, stamp duty for new place). That assumes we would achieve the asking price for our current place and that we'd be able to purchase within our price bracket for the new place. It would also leave us no money at all for anything so we would have to wait and save to carry out any improvements needed. So whilst my heart is saying 'sell, sell, sell' my head is saying 'wait and save for a bit'.

The downside being that in 2-3 months we can have the money saved, but that will put us at the end of the summer and probably not the best time to go to market with our property - which then means waiting until March next year when it all picks up again. What are people's thoughts on time of year for going to market - is July/August too late?

TheGoodWife16 Sat 29-Apr-17 16:52:34

Ah, yes sorry - I'm talking about a chartered surveyor doing a mortgage valuation for our buyer yesterday. We've already had a valuation for our own purposes (repaying HTB equity loan) and it took 30 minutes with numerous questions and examination of the loft and garage.

Yesterday's surveyor literally stuck his head in each room, tapped on his tablet device and took a few photos. He left less than five minutes after he arrived. Time will tell whether the valuation is okay for our buyer's mortgage.

When we had the house valued by four EAs, they spent time measuring each room, noting various fixtures and fittings and talking things through. Each visit lasted approximately one hour.

When our buyer viewed the property, she was here twenty minutes and declared it to look like a show home. She didn't know about the car full of paraphernalia that I wanted out of sight and the fact I was hiding round the corner in the car with teenage DD and dog!

TheGoodWife16 Sat 29-Apr-17 16:58:53

PaulDacres - we went on the market in January and under offer end of March. During that time, we had two viewings. The market here is stagnant. Nothing is really selling, from one bed to four beds. An identical house to ours was being marketed at the same time and has now been withdrawn. We're in a three year old house in an area that is saturated currently with new builds. People either want a brand new house, or an older established one.

Round here, the time of year doesn't seem to be making any difference. It's been stagnant for almost a year. We are keeping everything crossed that our chain remains intact. The chances of selling quickly if it all falls through are extremely remote.

We dropped our original asking price, which was recommend by three agents, by thirty five thousand when we finally went under offer. Going any lower would have meant we were unable to afford to move and we had decided to stay put for another year.

Good luck!

PaulDacresFeministConscience Sun 30-Apr-17 20:57:36

God I wish there was a button to press where you could fast forward through the 6 months of hellish marketing - viewing - offers - conveyancing - moving

We've decided not to go to market just yet but to start looking round and if we see signs of things we like, then we'll get on board and try and sell. The 'soft' delay should at least give us a chance to save up for another couple of months. We've spent all weekend on Rightmove and also driving around our target areas - we're planning to move counties. Ironically the 'absolutely lovely' area I thought was pretty meh, but I really liked the 'be careful some nice and some really rough bits' area much better. Go figure! That said, I've only seen one house that I'd be interested in viewing and even then I'm not raving about it based on the particulars.

Good luck with your buyer!

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