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Hexham pros and cons please

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Brendawouldhave Thu 27-Apr-17 13:50:03

Hello! I'm thinking about moving up to Hexham, but as I don't know the area very well, I would be interested in hearing about the good and bad bits. For instance: would the commute to Newcastle be easy and reliable? Is there stuff for kids to do (play areas etc). Are there childcare facilities available? Are there any areas to avoid, etc. Many thanks in advance! smile

Northumberlandlass Thu 27-Apr-17 13:57:26

I live in Hexham smile

Commuting to Newcastle - I drive in every day. Leaving at 7.15 & arrive at my desk for 8. There are regular trains down the Valley to & from Newcastle.

Good bits - Sele Park plus playground, Leisure Centre (pool / bowling alley / tri clubs), Beavers, Scouts & Guides, rugby at Tynedale RFC in Corbridge, loads of local footy teams. Tyne Green (Park next to the river)

A stone's throw from Hadrian's Wall and magnificent Countryside and also easy access to Newcastle Airport/ City etc.

We are still 3 tier school system - so 3 first schools (1 Catholic), 2 Middle Schools (1 Catholic) and a very large High School.

Childcare - There are a number of options, especially if you are driving down the valley into Newcastle.

There are some areas I wouldn't want to live, but overall it's a good place.

Northumberlandlass Thu 27-Apr-17 13:58:31

PM me if you want smile

Brendawouldhave Thu 27-Apr-17 16:22:45

Thanks so much for your reply Northumberlandlass, sounds like there is plenty for the kids to do. My DH will have to rely on the trains to commute, & we were wondering if it would be a bit too far out. I would be interested to hear about the areas you would avoid! (I'll pm you later! smile thanks)

Northumberlandlass Thu 27-Apr-17 16:48:40

Probably easier to say where I would live!
West End of Hexham (older properties)
Elvaston (older properties)
Highford Park (newer properties)
Beaumont Park (newer)
Hackwood Park (quirky / 70's)
Loughbrow Park (newer)

It really depends on what you want! Garden / garage etc / period property....also budget!

I'll keep an eye out for PM

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