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Underfloor heating tracks

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Glitterspy Wed 26-Apr-17 20:22:46

We're having underfloor heating in two rooms in a new extension:
Large kitchen - wood floor
Small shower room/loo - porcelain tiled floor

Getting a second track and stat for the shower room is an extra £500 - worth it to stop the smallest room becoming an oven? Or waste of money?

phoolani Wed 26-Apr-17 20:31:02

If it was me, I'd pay it. We have underfloor heating in one room and it's so good at heating I think it would be overwhelming in a smaller room at the same temp and time as bigger rooms . Not explained that very well, but yes, I would get a separate one!

Blodplod Wed 26-Apr-17 20:38:08

Do you really need underfloor heating in the small loo though? I have underfloor heating in a large kitchen (stone floor). This is a water based system and worth every penny IMHO. I also had 2 new bathrooms done at the same time with tiled floors.. due to configuration of water pipes, age of property and about a million other factors we would have had to have electric underfloor heating in those rooms.. I opted not to bother due to constant higher annual electricity costs.. The house is old, very old (circa 1450's) but have been well insulated during renovations. The upstairs bathroom had a heated towel rail and a radiator fitted and I can honestly say it would never have benefitted from underfloor heating in the first place. Just a thought.. doesn't answer your question though sorry!

Nowwhatsthis Wed 26-Apr-17 20:47:56

What do you mean with a second track?

The bathroom would need to be on a separate circuit anyway. Still need a thermostat but that costs nowhere near £500.

You should definitely go for separate thermostats for the rooms.

jojosapphire Thu 27-Apr-17 08:18:57

We currently have the same dilemma with weather to sepperate the kitchen and utility/office. Don't think our current quote covers this and I'm sure one builder mentioned needing a sepperate manifold on the boiler and costing 400.... I'm guessing if we go for a smart thermostat then it will be more again... With the way the current extension budget is going I'm guessing it will not be sepperated...

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