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cost of patio

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greedygreedyguzzler Wed 26-Apr-17 17:32:12

I know this is kind of a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but.......does anyone know approx how much it would be to get a patio redesigned and built? I would love a firepit and some stone seating and possibly a built in BBQ. Any rough ideas on cost pls? I am clueless!

Crisscrosscranky Wed 26-Apr-17 18:03:58

We've been quoted average of £42 pm2 in South East for patio only. Would hazard a guess that a large patio (presumably it would need to be large with seating/fire pit and BBQ!) would be £5-7k with labour and materials?

dietcokeandwine Wed 26-Apr-17 18:31:28

It will vary depending on the materials you choose and the size of the space to be paved (and where you are in the country!).

We had a circular patio installed a couple of years ago (probably about the dimensions you'd want for a fire pit, just over 4m diameter, which was the biggest circular patio kit we could find), along with a path (4x1m). Both in Indian sandstone. This cost just over £2k for labour, materials and disposal of waste. We are in an expensive bit of the SE.

Obviously you would be looking at more than this for stone seating, built in BBQ etc. Probably looking in the region of £5k tbh and more if you opt for an expensive material (Indian sandstone is a lot cheaper than many products on the market which is why we chose it!)

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