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Toy storage for lounge

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Cherryblossom200 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:35:42

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is the right forum to post this subject! I'm looking for toy storage for my lounge. Ideally something not all plastiky and cheap looking. I do love things from GLTC, but what I'm looking for on their site is very expensive.

It would be great if you have any recommendations?


Cherry x

MiaowTheCat Wed 26-Apr-17 12:48:50

We've got kallax on the basis we can claim it for books or ornaments as the kids get older and the canvas boxes just hide it all on a nighttime so the house looks slightly less like it's just rolled out of Toys R Us.

EssentialHummus Wed 26-Apr-17 12:53:13

Yy to Kallax. I'm also a big fan of sofas etc with built in storage (Ikea has many), so everything can be hidden away quickly. I have about six years' bank statements in my settee.

Cherryblossom200 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:59:22

Thanks! I'll take a look at Kallax, assuming this is an IKEA unit?

MiaowTheCat Wed 26-Apr-17 13:07:22

Yeah it's the Ikea square hole stuff basically that you get all sorts of inserts for - cube canvas boxes, cupboard fronts, drawer fronts etc. I may have a LOT of Kallax in my house as it hides loads of mess!

Cherryblossom200 Wed 26-Apr-17 13:18:52

Brilliant - thanks v.much. I'm going to Ikea on Saturday so I'll add to my shopping list!

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