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Quote for bathroom redo

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Dbas Tue 25-Apr-17 18:18:50

We redid our bathroom, and the contractor came to discuss what needed to be done. We agreed on a quote, and he assured us that his quotes are usually pretty accurate, and if something was unforeseen, it would change by a small amount, around £50.

Now that work is nearly complete, his final quote has increased by a few hundred pounds. He charged for some extra materials which were not previously mentioned, and £180 because "Lath and Plaster walls around bath were too soft to tile over and had to be removed, including waste disposal and extra materials."

The bathroom is small, and the job straightforward - just taking out old items and refitting new ones. We have already paid separately for waste removal and extra materials, but now with another addition of £180 (for more waste removal again, extra materials and plasterboard) , we're getting quite fed up with all these extra little additions that get added in with each new update he gives.

Are these extra additions reasonable? Given that he has come a few times to look at our old bathroom and should have a pretty good idea that our building is old and the walls are plasterboard?

Any advice would be much appreciated, it's our first time getting something done in our flat.

Thereturningwonderer Wed 26-Apr-17 10:38:52

There's a difference between a quote & a fixed price.

I suspect unless you can prove beyond doubt that there was no need for the extras, you're liable.

I'm in the same situation with my decorator today flowers

Tootsiepops Wed 26-Apr-17 10:43:02

We're in the middle of our second renovation project. No quote we've ever been given for anything has been spot on. There's always, always, always unanticipated problems once you start pulling things out. However, I would expect a decent tradesperson to discuss the issues with you as they arise and not simply present you with a bill.

Dbas Wed 26-Apr-17 13:01:42

Ah I see, I thought once we agreed on the quote then the price was set. We have a warranty for 2 years, so I'll try to maintain a good relationship in case any problems arise.
Thank you all for your input!

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