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Converting conservatory to sun room ? Building warrant (Scotland)

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minimuffy Fri 21-Apr-17 20:58:54

We are converting large conservatory to more of a sun room- having a better roof placed and a ceiling put in. Also knocking through kitchen wall into large area of conservatory rather than in the side (it's L shaped)

Architect said only need warrant for knocking through wall as we weren't extending footprint of house

I phoned to speak to buildings warrant people today as they want doors put in as a thermal barrier- I asked it that was needed it conservatory getting converted, and he started going on that the roofing etc is 'warrantable work' due to sunlight levels etc..

So who is right here? Will I need a further warrant to convert roof?

This is Scotland (incase that makes a difference)

InsertUsernameHere Fri 21-Apr-17 21:19:00

In my experience building control is always right (even when they are wrong). They have to sign of the work and can insist you amend warrants/ get new warrants for things they have previously sign off in initial stages. In Scotland only councils have authority to act as building control for domestic buildings (whereas down south you can employ somebody to do this). So even if your architect is correct - it's building control that matter. Is your architect local - have they worked with your local building control before? There is a surprising degree of subjectivity in the process and different areas/ officers have there own special quirks.

minimuffy Fri 21-Apr-17 21:27:12

The bit we know we need the warrant for is to knock through the kitchen wall. Still need to get a SER certificate for that though...

Could always get that done and get the roof done at a later date.... Just say our architect told us we didn't need one...

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