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Soft credit check & mortgage application

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Honey1975 Fri 21-Apr-17 17:51:48

We've just spoken at length to our mortgage adviser to go ahead with our application. He said that it should all be approved subject to pay details, credit check & valuation. He said the credit check for the mortgage in principle was a 'soft' credit check. Does anyone know what this means?
He said ours looked fine at that stage but I'm worrying now it won't be as good at the actual application stage. My dh had some debts in the past & I'm wondering if they'll pose a problem or would this have come up during the 'soft check'?

thatstoast Fri 21-Apr-17 17:58:56

Soft check is a search that's not visible to other lenders who look at your credit report. It's designed so they can look at your credit history but without making a full application. It won't be as thorough as the full application.

What does debts in the past mean? He defaulted on the loans?

Honey1975 Fri 21-Apr-17 18:06:54

He had some credit card debt but didn't default on them. He hasn't applied for anything else in ten years.

thatstoast Fri 21-Apr-17 18:09:55

There's nothing wrong with having debt as long as you keep up the payments. It's actually a good thing. Also bear in mind that Info only stays on your credit file 6 years after the end date.

PlayingGrownUp Fri 21-Apr-17 18:15:16

A hard credit check means that anyone looking at your credit rating can see they've checked it. A soft credit check means that no one can see it.

It's sometimes seen as a warning flag of loads of companies check a persons credit rating at th me same time so most companies do a soft check until they're further along the application.

Honey1975 Fri 21-Apr-17 19:31:43

I see, thanks for explaining. Fingers crossed we'll be ok!

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