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Would you put a shower downstairs if you had 3 upstairs?

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Millybingbong Fri 21-Apr-17 14:03:11

We are about to do a garage conversion and we would have space for a shower in the loo if we rejigged.
However er we have a family bathroom and 2 ensuite upstairs. The only reason to do it would be for if elderly people came for a stay and couldn't manage stairs. (Big possibility)

Knittedfrog Fri 21-Apr-17 14:07:20

Is the garage conversion a bedroom?

Millybingbong Fri 21-Apr-17 14:11:56

No, a reception room but it might be used as a bedroom by the frail

firawla Fri 21-Apr-17 14:14:39

If it's a big possibility that elderly relatives will need it then it makes sense to do it. We have a shower room downstairs and it is quite handy (only 2 more upstairs so slightly less but similiar)

Mapless Fri 21-Apr-17 14:18:22

Yes I think it's a good idea. Not just for elderly visitors but for any visitors who then won't have to use the family bathroom. It's nice to have them separate if you have the option. Being downstairs could be a bonus for anyone as you age.

ILookedintheWater Fri 21-Apr-17 14:20:52

If the downstairs loo is likely to act as en suite for visitors who will be staying downstairs then yes, it makes sense. Set it up as a wet room and you can hang coats/have a cupboard in the space when it isn't required and then tada! It becomes a wet-room en suite when you need it!

ShotsFired Fri 21-Apr-17 14:30:54

Would a boot room/functional utility/cloakroom be an idea?

I mean if you are outdoorsy, have sports kit and all that, where you could change out of muddy walking boots etc, and maybe have a sort of shower facility to hose off wellies and the like?

And a loo is always useful.

EineKleine Fri 21-Apr-17 16:25:21

If you explicitly expecting elderly visitors who'll be visiting for more than a night or so and can't do stairs, but can safely shower with no additional handrails, shower stool, level thresholds, extra non-slippyness etc then yes, perhaps. But I'd think carefully. If it's not a shower that suits their needs, it's a waste of space and money. If they are unable to climb stairs they may well need some extra provision to shower and get themselves in and out safely. They may also be reluctant to use an unfamiliar shower, and prefer to strip wash while they are staying.

Also I don't think it would be worth doing for its own sake, independent of these visitors. I like our downstairs shower but 3 showers are more than enough. 4 shifts the extra cleaning:benefit ratio well into the red IMO.

Millybingbong Fri 21-Apr-17 19:42:06

eine I think you have hit all the nails on the head tbh. My main reluctance is that we don't actually need more bathrooms and I cba to clean them all as it is. The second en suite will be the guest en suite and there is a family bathroom as a free for all so mostly we are covered.

There will always be a look downstairs.

I have an unwell relative coming to stay in a few months but I doubt he will be able to shower here for all the reasons yout stay - steadiness and familiarity. And in any event he is a soap dodger these days. I guess that is the likely scenario for any such guests. I am reluctant to do it this but want to sense check my standpoint. Dh is a bit keener than me but not that fussed.

LittleBearPad Fri 21-Apr-17 19:44:08

Having spent most of last year house-hunting any downstairs shower really put me off the house.

Isitjustmeorisiteveryoneelse Fri 21-Apr-17 19:50:41

Yes, for the reasons you stated first. My dad's disabled and it is a lot easier if he can sleep/shower etc downstairs. He doesn't stay over that regularly but when he does it helps.

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