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Has anyone used Kenwood PLC for damp?

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gemsie009 Thu 20-Apr-17 09:37:38

Hi all

We are selling our property at the moment and our buyers have had Kenwood round as their homebuyer report advised that their may be damp and woodworm.

I showed the guy around and he was baffled by the woodworm bit and just said he can not see any evidence of this, he said as our property is 1930's it is common to find damp so they always request a damp specialist to check and he is just covering his back (no surprise there)

The guy said visually you can not see damp in our property, expect to see paper peeling and skirting boards rotten, he stuck his device all around the bottom of the walls and advised we have very minor rising damp in one of the rooms (side and front walls) nothing to worry about and shouldn't put buyers off, he advised a rough cost to rectify would be 2k-3k.

I know this company offer free surveys and my concern is that you dont get something for nothing in this world and wondered if he is more salesmen than specialist. We have not noticed any problems ourselves in the years we have lived here but then he said it was minor and the readings were only 5%-10% higher than rest of the property.

Not sure if this company is any good so would be nice to hear some stories.

sunnysouthend Sat 22-Apr-17 07:45:28

Get other quotes - Kenwood are astronomical. They're prob telling truth about area of damp but you'll certainly get it fixed for way less moolah.

loveka Sat 22-Apr-17 07:53:56

We recently had some damp done. One 26 foot wall, one side of a chimney breast and under a bay window was £2k. So I would say a whole room would be about the same as that? We are south east.

We have problems with a buyer getting an astronomical quote for some work we need doing. We are getting our own survey done with a quote because we don't trust the person they got in. Our estate agent said this is common practice.

chillie Sat 22-Apr-17 22:35:11

I had Kenwood come to look at what I was completely convinced was rising damp. I really just wanted confirmation. They came then told me that I did not have rising damp at all and that it was just a condensation problem that could be solved for under £100 and a handyman could do it. I was charged nothing and the lovely man left. HTHs

BearFeb2016 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:22:23

Every experience of Kenwood Plc I have heard about -online and through friends- is that they find "problems" that don't exist. As with most things always go for a 2,3rd opinion.

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