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Insurance claims

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Sounbelievablydull Wed 19-Apr-17 21:55:17

I have never needed to make an insurance claim before but changed insurance companies in Feb. This week I have knocked the corner of the granite worktop off the island just clipped it with a plate and a huge chunk broke off. Next it looks like a car hit our front garden wall bits of ford labelled plastic at the scene fence and post smashed, no witnesses
I have got accidental damage cover, can I claim?
Should I claim for both?
I feel like a fraudster though I am not
Advice gratefully received

YorkshireTea86 Wed 19-Apr-17 22:06:37

Well the car is probably covered on your standard buildings as impact, but they will be registered as two separate incidents and you will have to pay the excesses. How has the granite come away from being knocked with a platelets I would question if there was a fault with the granite. Most importantly take photos and don't throw anything away in case you do decide to claim.

Sounbelievablydull Wed 19-Apr-17 22:22:51

Re granite I agree I would have thought the plate would have been the thing to smash.
Don't think the granite is faulty it's only been there three years and was really rather nice!!
Front wall no witness just guessed what happened as lamp post also dented
its been a grim week from that point of view my nice new car that isn't even paid fir also had a big dent put in the side while it was in an airport car park at the weekend , endless cash to shell out

AuditAngel Wed 19-Apr-17 22:34:40

The problem with making claims is that you lose your excess and subsequently some companies won't quote for you. I made 2 claims, revived £1,29@ before deduction of excesses and have paid more gun this in increased insurance costs.

Sounbelievablydull Wed 19-Apr-17 22:39:36

But then what is the point of insurance at all.
I pay as I'm sure others do for x 2 car ins
Travel ins mobile phone ins house ins buildings and contents ins pet ins student ins for my son
If I added all this up and didn't pay I'd. Have quite. Bit to use towards grease costs

engineersthumb Thu 20-Apr-17 08:55:37

The insurance companies are swindlers for sure. The only point to home insurance is the peace of mind covering a large disaster such as fire or flood and the mortgage requirements.
I never bother with phone insurance but then I always opt for the £100 samsung so its not so painful to replace!

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