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Barnstaple the big move

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Nano0915 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:50:18

My hubby has been offered a job. A amazing job that pays double what he earns now!! How can we say no.

But we live in Taunton and have calculated and done sums and we are think it's going to cost about 100 pound a week In fuel to get there!!

DO we move I would have to go one a 0 hour contract at work if we stayed I wouldn't get to work on time and family work full time. Do I pull my son out of school again and move him again.
WHAT it's really like there. What areas are bad what areas are good it's so big and I'm flapping.

sofia31 Fri 21-Apr-17 21:03:56

Barnstaple is home for us and we love it! There are mixed areas like any town. Lots of development coming up too ( out of town shops and restaurants etc).
Newport and Pilton are the most popular primary schools, but may be hard to get into mid year. Lots of small villages have popular schools around the edges of Barnstaple too.
Easy to get to lovely beaches and countryside.
Do you have any areas in mind?

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