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Paint colours in a post grey world

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Callofthewild Tue 18-Apr-17 23:16:21

I had planned to paint our north facing bedroom light grey but I'm starting to feel that grey has had its moment. What colours would people suggest? The room has a large bay window so gets plenty of light just not a lot of sunlight. We have an oak framed bed and silvery grey carpet both of which need to stay. Thanks.

dynevoran Wed 19-Apr-17 12:19:54

Millennial pink. Yes, it has a name. Maybe one or two walls that and one or two white?

ShortLass Wed 19-Apr-17 12:28:43

I'm obviously coming late to the grey party. I was planning to have it downstairs, but upstairs I was thinking of going for a light, neutral brown which seems to be ... shock ... beige.

So don't listen to me, I clearly know nothing about fashion. Or paint colours.

drspouse Wed 19-Apr-17 13:21:31

Pantone's 2017 Colour of the Year is Greenery...

trixymalixy Wed 19-Apr-17 13:49:29

peignoir by farrow and ball is lovely for a bedroom.

minipie Wed 19-Apr-17 14:35:43

With oak green is a nice choice. Also warms up a north facing room if you choose a warm green. How about a pale grey-green like Little Greene's Pearl Colour here? We have this in a north facing bathroom.

ShortLass Wed 19-Apr-17 14:39:55

trixy, ooh yes!

5amisnotmorning Wed 19-Apr-17 15:26:23

We have pearl in our hallway. I love it but it may be a bit much for a bedroom.

Underbeneathsies Wed 19-Apr-17 15:42:45

F&B Green ground suits our easterly aspect bathroom very well.

It's not super bright, like that Pantone colour drspouse suggested, or yellow, but is a coolish, neutral green, not grey!

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 19-Apr-17 15:48:56

I loved the look of Peignoir on the F&B colour swatch card but the testers I tried on my bedroom walls (east facing, double aspect, high ceilings) just looked too pale. It looked like an 80's 'hint of' colour. I went for a stronger F&B tone in the end, DoveTale, a warmer heathery grey which goes brilliantly with oak and silvery carpet and looks great with east facing light.

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 19-Apr-17 15:54:43

I'd avoid cool tones in a north facing room. The light is already 'bluer' and cooler so it can feel chilly. A warmer tone of whichever colour you want helps to warm up a north facing room.

drspouse Wed 19-Apr-17 16:09:32

Mine was slightly tongue in cheek - but I suppose if everything used to be grey, the trend has to swing the other way some time!

Oogle Wed 19-Apr-17 16:24:58

Err. Grey. Most of my house is grey grin I love it. I'm going for an olive green in the guest room though.

thethoughtfox Wed 19-Apr-17 18:38:20

I think navy is supposed to be in next for kitchen cabinets. I love a navy / dark blue wall.

QueenOlivine Wed 19-Apr-17 18:48:59

Seconding pale pink for a north facing room, it will warm it up. Would look lovely with oak bed and silvery carpet.

I once saw a film about terrorism and its main impact on me was that one of the locations had a fabulous pale pink in the hallway - have wanted it ever since! Closest I've seen is F&B Middleton Pink which I'm planning to try in new house.

I never got the grey thing... moved into a house with a grey bedroom, it just felt cold, gloomy and, well grey. I painted it white and even that cheered it up no end. I love a nice grey for a jumper or coat but grey walls - meh.

MissDuke Wed 19-Apr-17 22:20:58

If you like grey then go for it - who cares about fashion! My sister's bedroom was grey 25 years ago, it is timeless haha

starsinyourpies Wed 19-Apr-17 22:23:55

I have Peignoir in a bedroom. It is definitely a shade of grey (but lovely!)

Misty9 Wed 19-Apr-17 22:50:56

I'm about to paint crown soft lime in my child's north east facing bedroom. It's a lovely fresh colour on the wall and not too neon. Crown has a great paint visualiser app too.

Miniwookie Thu 20-Apr-17 08:22:46

I have loads of tester pots in my on the walls of my n facing bedroom atm. My favourite is f&b pink ground. A soft, warm pink. It looks lovely, but dh has vetoed it.

irregularegular Thu 20-Apr-17 08:50:19

I've just used Pink Ground for both a guest bedroom (with soft neutrals) and a shower room (with black and white). It's a bit more pink/warm then Peignoir. I like it. It's warm and pretty but not too pink and quite classic. I know it's a bit trendy at the moment but it's only paint, I can always change it.

QueenOlivine Thu 20-Apr-17 10:13:31

Actually$TMB$&wid=420&hei=420peignoir seems to be a combination of grey and pink - so could be perfect! I really like it actually... hmmm

QueenOlivine Thu 20-Apr-17 10:14:05

Ooops try again

dynevoran Fri 21-Apr-17 20:39:37

Pink ground looks like a lovely colour.

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